Developer: Jendrik Bertram

Current Version: 2.4.7

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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Use iFlicks to add your video files to iTunes and iOS devices. Add metadata to Movies and TV Shows to make your video library look awesome. Managing your video collection on your Mac has never been this easy.

iFlicks is all about Movie and TV Show Metadata. It helps you make your iTunes Library look awesome by adding Metadata. All using a beautiful User-Inteface.
If you love Movies just as much as we do, you want them to look beautiful in your iTunes Library. You can even update existing Videos by dragging them to the iFlicks window. It really brings your iTunes Library to Life.

• Automatic lookup for Movie and TV Show metadata
• Automatic lookup for subtitles and chapter titles
• Clever parsing of file names
• Finds beautiful Artwork, including squared Artwork for TV Shows
• Metadata completely customizable using Rules

Using iFlicks you can process your Videos faster than ever before so you can watch them on your iOS device right away.
• Extremely fast processing of many video types
• High Quality Video encoding
• Audio support for multiple tracks in different languages in stereo and surround.
• Support for subtitles and chapter titles to be embedded in your video files.
• Dedicated presets to optimize videos for any Apple device like Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Your Video content is not H.264. No problem. iFlicks uses the most advanced encoders to convert your video stream while keeping quality high and files sizes low.

Many current video files can be transferred into m4v containers without lengthy re-encoding or quality loss. iFlicks goes through great length to make this easy for you.

Automate task you repeat time after time using Rules, Watch Folders and Scripts.
Automatically open Videos copied to Watch folders. Run custom rules to modify Metadata and Settings. Use Apple Script to automate processing.
• Custom watch folders with automated processing.
• Powerful rule system to customize your workflow.
• Apple Script support for most functions.
• Integrated tightly with iTunes.

Using the powerful rules you can move metadata around to your preference, but also automatically choose preset, destination and further processing options depending on file path, type or other conditions.

Watch Folder
Automatically process video files dropped to folders you have set up as watch folder.

For more details about iFlicks, please check out our website at iflicksapp.com.
Connect with us at [email protected], support.iflicksapp.com or facebook.com/iFlicks.

Enjoy using iFlicks!


Release Notes:

!!! This is a paid upgrade and requires purchasing of a subscription. If you are using iFlicks 1.4 and want to keep doing so, don't install this version as there is no way back. !!!

iFlicks 2.4 is the second major update to the already awesome iFlicks 2

As always we have put tremendous effort into further improving iFlicks. Now, with this version you can take full advantage of the added functionality we have been working on over the last year. It is another huge step that puts iFlicks even further ahead of its competition.

== More metadata ==

Besides Movie and TV Shows metadata, iFlicks is now able to fetch chapter titles and subtitles for you videos. It will also create chapter images for your titles and embedded these directly in the video files. Of course this is all configurable using the flexible rule system to meet your specific needs.

== Even better rules ==

Rules have made another step forward as well. You can now do custom text replacements for specific tags and limit the number of entries for fields like actors or production companies. Additionally the rule system has gained a few more predicates and actions you can take advantage of.

== Continuous improvement ==

In a constant effort to make iFlicks compatible with new video and audio formats, we have made another step forward and hugely improved handling of corrupted video files as well.
So many other little things, of which many were suggested by our great users, have been improved and added that we can not even list them all here.

== Get back to us ==

We love hearing from you! Get in touch with us at support.iflicksapp.com, facebook.com/iFlicks or [email protected]

If you enjoy using iFlicks, please take a minute to leave a nice review: it really helps.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.7
Review by itabmedia

The Best Video Tagger, Manager Available - This is the best video tagger, manager, muxer available for Mac. I have been using this exclusivley for all my video files for use on my Apple TV. I have tried them all (IVI,Subler,etc) This is the most polished, solid app in the genre. Pros: Beautiful Interface Retrieves all needed info. Fast muxing and encoding Minimal issues Cons: (Please fix if possible) Occasionally when adding certain files, iFlicks will throw a 32 bit error, that I have to run iTunes in 32 bit mode in order to finish the encode. The other apps of this genre do not have this error or limitation. Please add an option to disable the auto comment about where the file info came from. I have to manually delete this on every file I add. I do not want this information tagged into my videos. 5 Stars, Thanks Again!

Found helpful by 8 out of 9 people
Version 1.4.9
Review by FSUPhopcroft

Wow - I loved this app until I found out they made an iFlicks2 and stopped working on this iFlicks…. That’s so cheap and ghetto and makes me feel ripped off.

Found helpful by 18 out of 25 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.4.7
Review by Jomama341

Don’t update if you don’t want to pay for the new version! - These guys are tricking people into updating to the new version, which requires you to pay for the new version of iFlicks without any way to revert back to the old version that you already paid for! Although they warn you in the update notes, as far as I can tell you will never again be able to use the ‘update all’ option in the App store without updating iFlicks and therefore having to pay for the new version. Unethical. Apple shouldn’t allow this sort of practice.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 2.4.7
Review by GuitarmanD

Don’t update if you don’t want to buy it again! - I’ve been using iFlicks 1 for years, and I loved it. I gladly supported the software, because it did exactly what it was supposed to do. They rewarded me by forcing an update to a paid subscription model. So deceptive. Even if we could revert to the software we ALREADY PAID FOR, we’d never be able to use auto updates for the rest of our apps. Get your s**t together, guys.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 2.4.7
Review by alcimedes

I had a working app that I paid for and loved. Now I have nothing. - Lame move by the developer to run an update that requires a subscription now. I can’t even restore my previous version of the app. to get it working again, they all say they require a code. Of course, if you bought it through the Apple store you didn’t get a code, and you can’t get the App store to download the working version any more either.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 2.4.7
Review by iHateMSFT

Version 1 was cool, now I find myself with a useless Version 2 - Still scamming people out of their paid copy with this version. Take this off the App Store. You have version 2 for those who want to upgrade. You did this on purpose and should fee bad about it. So let me get this straight. I purchase iFlicks for $20 and it works great for years. Now after an unintended software update I need to pay $20 a year for no new features?!?!?? It uses free movie/tv databases so your operating costs are $0!! I’d call that a scam. There is NO reason this app needs a subscription model. You’ve signed iFlick’s death warrant pulling this stunt. What were you thinking? iFlicks used to be great...

Found helpful by 10 out of 10 people
Version 2.4.7
Review by Monsterkami

DO NOT BUY THIS APP - I purchased the version 2 of this App on 10-13-16 for $25 and there was absolutely no mention of a subscription plan and I was given a license code. A week ago and without any prior notice the APP stopped working. I spent hours trying to figure out what is going on and then I was left with the only alternative which was to delete and reinstall. After that I was asked to enter into a subscription plan. Is this legal? How can Apple App store allow such switch and bait? Until they honor their existing customers that paid good money to buy this APP right out I do not think any one should buy this APP and I hope there are many more that complain. Shame on this company.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people