iDocs for Microsoft Office 365

Developer: pick tim

Current Version: 1.6

Last Updated: 5 days ago

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iDocs is magic and easy-to-use app help you easier to create Microsoft office 365 documents in your your Mac.


- Create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
- Sync documents in OneDrive's Documents folder to local.
- Keep track all changes of online documents and automatic update on local.
- Calendar and manage email with Outlook.
- Work with documents while on the go.
- Easily share your documents with friends and colleagues.
- Enjoy the freedom that comes with online and mobile editing.
- Simply upload your files to OneDrive to edit them everywhere.
- Save your favorite docs online to work with other apps and devices
- Add charts, pictures, animations and effects.
- And so much more...

NOTICE: Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive are property or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. iOffice is neither produced by, endorsed by, nor affiliated with Microsoft Corporation


Release Notes:

- Fixed printer and pdf export bugs.
- Performance improvemented.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by TommyL4in

Best App for MS Office 365 - This app make writing on Mac fun and easy.As an very happy office 365 subscriber, I have OnDrive cloud store and have since move to it as my sole source for everything. The app was always useful, use it daily and hight recommend it and the OneDrive service general, thanks.!

Found helpful by 5 out of 10 people
Version 1.5
Review by PAULBROWN123

You must give me an explanation. - I can do a good job like you said in app store. I have tried for many times, it can't sync documents in OneDrive's Documents folder to local. I have checked for every situation, and do a lot works, it's useless. I think it was created as an online synchronization software, but I didin't know which respect has achieved this. I can't do one thing about online synchronization, it makes me miss a lot of office works. I think you should manage your words in this way. You must say the truth about your app. If you said something, but what you said can't be achieved, that will be a big mistake. And as a consumer,I can't allow such things happen, So I really want you guys can give me an explanation. I don't think this is the problem about money, it is a matter of principle. Please do a real work.

Found helpful by 3 out of 7 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.6
Review by SodaBoie

Useful app for Microsoft Office 365 - I’m finally starting to use Office 365 program for word processing and creating spreadsheets on a regular basics. Like alot of users, however, i’m stil more comfortable with Microsoft Office on my desktop. Office 365 however, provide a handy service in that you can sign in from any computer anywhere and access your documents. I did find iDocs for Office 365 app for editing my documents (Word processing, Excel, Power point..) and the convenience of having my files in cloud and hard drive. iDocs app quitely download your documents in background. Whether you’are editing an existing document or create new one, iDocs keep sync to your hard drive whenever a change detected. The’s an awful lot to like about this feature. In fact, the only function i few missing in this app is document revision history tracking, it help i can see activity for a specific document in local drive. Overral, this app is good, hope it have more improvement in next update.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 1.6
Review by snapMoon01

Definitely worth it - Not sure about the negative review? the sync functions for documents seem work quite well across OneDrive and my Mac. This app work as expected and i can’t ask for more.I did want an app for Microsoft Office 365 (Word, excel, PowerPoint..) which support both online and offline, and this app cover exactly what is i needed. There are some small issues about the UI: - The left panel of main window need resize able and customize able. - Need a button in toolbar to open local documents folder, currently i have to right click in each document item in left panel and choose navigate to Finder. - If possible, app should support document version tracking functionality so i can track change history for my document in local. Overral, this app is great concept and need work though.I’m supporting the developer in hopes of future development.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 1.6
Review by profuselyryrconi

It's the worst app. - This is the worst APP I have ever seen. It can not synchronize any of the documents, not my network, I have checked many times. At first I thought it was my computer network settings, but after repeated inspection, I think this is the reason for the APP. In the description, it said that it can sync documents in OneDrive's Documents folder to local. Keep track all changes of online documents and automatic update on local. What? You are kidding, you said these features, I have no use. I do not know how to do now, so I wrote this comment. I do not know that my comments do not work, but I just want to let others see. I need an explanation, why do you say can not be achieved, so the result is a waste of my time and money. I am really disappointed with the APP. I will not use the APP, and I will find other APP to replace the APP.

Found helpful by 3 out of 6 people
Version 1.6
Review by Nick01jk

Exactly What i wanted - Real good Office 365 client. I am not sure about the negative review? the sync function work pretty well for me but need improvement to handle file version. Otherwise quite good!

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.6
Review by Grenlman

Problem solver and productivity booster - If you use Microsoft Office 365 on your Mac all day long, then this is the program for you. If you have multiple words, excels, power points. etc. document and have been tabbing back and forth between a myriad of browser windows, you want seriously knock that crap off. Get this program. I have using this app for a month and i love it, it is stable, organized and productivity way to live, save me so much time, I am able to get things done with Word, Excel, Power point.. so much faster using this software, only had a couple minnor complaints about sync function but the new update have fixed it and for that reason I give it 5 stars even though there are occasional gliches. Some times, when interfaceing outside the program, there is a slight problem. For instance when printing a Word or Power point document. Nevertheless, it is wonderful program, the sync files function work flawlessly, and the notifications work very well. i am looking forward to use it each day.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people