Developer: Panos Germanis

Current Version: 1.0.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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We believe that iDentist is the only software in AppStore that provides a unique tool for the accurate depiction of the patient's mouth. MouthMap™ part of iDentist is a very sophisticated tool that will help doctor to keep snapshots of patient's mouth over time. Using MouthMap you will know exactly what was the patient's mouth condition for a given date.
iDentist is a patient-centric program easy to use. it keeps history records for the patient and allows you to print many useful reports from its data. iDentist uses iReport PLUS reports, giving you the ability to create your own reports*.
This software is identical for small clinics because can keep records separate for each doctor.

iDentist features:
•Extremely fast even for hundreds of thousands of records.
•Very analytic patient records.
•Historical records.
•MouthMap™ depiction of patient's mouth.
•Notes on every record.
•Dozen useful reports, and custom report creation* capability.
•Great search capability.
•Appointments Management with automated time calculation.
•Integration with iCal and appointments data sharing via iCloud.
•Payments management.
•Reports management.
•iReport PLUS connectivity support to create specific reports.
•Export reports to PDF's.
•Ready for connectivity with the upcoming iPhone & iPad Dentist app.

** Runs perfectly on OSX Mountain Lion. **

Remark:*Custom reports can be created with iReport PLUS from enhance Software, available for download via AppStore.

Note: Negative or low score feedback can not solve problems. Communication is the best way to solve problems and make software better. Contact us: [email protected]


Release Notes:

* Some minor problems in MouthMap™ corrected.
* Some startup issues in specific Lion configurations eliminated.