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Current Version: 551

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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***Rated 4.5/5 on MacUpdate****

"Love this app! This allowed us to create a digital library of DVD's we own and have it play well with our Apple iTV." - DCT on MacUpdate

"I can't say enough good things about this app. I have tried SEVERAL apps to tag my data. By far, this app is the most reliable, most accurate, and quickest that I have tried." -CMACUSER on MacUpdate

"If you need a fantastic metadata tagger, then this is the product for you!" - PeteinAU on MacUpdate


iDentify is an OS X application for tagging iTunes compatible MP4 video files.

Normally, when you convert a video file to the format used by iOS devices such as the iPad, iPod, iPhone or AppleTV, all the information about the video is missing! The only thing you see is the name of the file where the title of the video should be! Enter iDentify!

iDentify looks at the name of files as they are added to it. Based on the name of the file, iDentify determines wether it is a TV Show or movie based on common naming conventions. From the file name, a lot of information can be gleaned, such as movie title, show name, season number, episode number, year of release, and imdb code. iDentify can then automatically look on The TVDB, The Movie DB, and tagChimp to gather more information about the title, such as description, rating, chapter names and more! iDentify also inspects the file and can automatically turn on the HD flag on the movie when the resolution of the file goes above a set minimum!

iDentify not finding info about your video? Fixing it is easy! Simply edit the movie title or show name to match that found on, or (respectively) and click rescan!

Want to change the tags of multiple files in one fell swoop? No problem! Add the files to iDentify, select all the ones you want to edit from the list, and click edit. All changes you make are now applied to all selected files!

When you are done, just click "Process Files" to write the new information to your files, and when iDentify is done, you are ready to add your videos to iTunes!

This is the full (registered) version of iDentify. It includes features like automatic file renaming, auto add to iTunes, the ability to automatically process files when they are added and more.


Release Notes:

Fixes for TVDB lookups
Removed tagChimp Support, as the service closed.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 551
Review by Nfnnln

Love the app, but I need some support - I’ve been using this app, and loving it, for several years. Just today (after using it yesterday) the app won’t open. I’ve reinstalled it, rebooted - but it still won’t open. I’ve gone to the support page and there is no where that I could see to leave this feedback, so I’m trying here. Please guys, I need some assistance!

Found helpful by 10 out of 10 people
Version 551
Review by SOLE2000

Great app until updating to El Capitan - This is one of my go-to apps for easily adding metadata to movies and TV shows. However, after installing El Capitan purchased app from Mac App Store no longer opens (icon appears for a fraction of a second in the dock, then disappears). I’ve tried uninstalling and then reinstalling and no use. App downloaded out of the app store works fine, however. Worst part is, I click on the developer’s support link in the App Store and it takes me to a blog where I have no way to contact the developer. Really, a purchased app with no way to contact the developer for support? Sorry but this is a MASSIVE deal breaker for me. Will look for another option, even if non-app store version works, since I definitely expect to have support for an app I’m paying good money for...

Found helpful by 29 out of 31 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 551
Review by DaBunkster

Not Happening Anymore... - I thought I had bought this, but had to do a fresh install on my mac and went to install it again and guess what: Asked for another $9.99. Ok, great product that I loved, so I just bought it versus taking the time to figure out why my purchase was gone. Anyway… This product is not finding any tagging information for the TV shows I’m trying to tag. I’ve used this, know how to look up episode numbers, etc. so I have no idea as to why, but it’s not working. Powered up my old Windows box, launched MetaX and guess what? Found all the info for the same exact files this was failing on. Not sure what’s up, but it’s a dud. Really hate when I have to rely on a Windows application because an OSX product stinks.

Found helpful by 9 out of 13 people
Version 551
Review by RMalay

Current Version No Longer Working (12 Nov 2015) - As of 12 Nov 2015 this App Store purchased app no longer launches. The issue appears to be related to the App Store glitch involving an expired security certificate. Removing and re-installing this app does not fix the problem, nor does disconnecting and re-connecting to the App store. This application is great but at this time its only a waste of disk space until the certificate error is fixed. Please fix the issue!

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 551
Review by Czar Rider

Left my files unplayable - The program left my mp4 files unplayable after metadata was saved. There is no support or field where you can ask questions. I want my money back.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Version 551
Review by Syclopa

Broken in El Capitan - This will not launch in OSX 10.11 (El Capitan).

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 551
Review by Jojokokomo

Great app but needs a few tweaks. - I’ve been using iDentify for some time and have found it to be very useful. I really like that it saves metadata adjustments back to the original file without the need to reprocess/convert the file. As far as updates, I agree with Verticaltakeoff’s comment that it needs an update to deal the changes Apple made to TV content in iTunes, mostly adjusting the artwork to be formatted square for iOS devises. I’m not sure if this was Apples intent or if it’s a bug, but since there has been no change to correct this in iOS, I’m guessing it was intentional. iDentify would be my go to app again if TV content was addressed in the next update. Other than that, this is a great metadata app.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people