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Last Updated: 11 months ago

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iConify is a quick and easy app to generate assets for your iOS app.

Tired of exporting different sizes for different iOS devices? Fear not. With iConify, you can generate all these images straight from your PSD files.

Creating your assets is a very simple process using iConify. No file opening, no choosing cumbersome options, no export folder, nothing.
Just drag your PSD file and "boom". Your assets are created inside the iConify Folder.

Want to manually generate normal @2x files? Just switch to the assets tab and boom, they are there.

It's that simple.

Your workflow now becomes super simple. Just drag files onto to iConify. Copy all the generated files from the "iConify" folder to your iOS project. That's it.

If you like the app, do let your other iOS developers know about it and leave a rating on the AppStore.


Release Notes:

Added Support for Touch Bar


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by hasseily

A must-have for iOS programmers - Simply a must-have for iOS programmers. It's simple and fast, and saves you a lot of time.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people

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Version 1.5
Review by OurBigAdventure

Did work great, seems to be broken now - I have used this app for a while but now when I start with a 1024px image (at 72dpi) it spits out a list of images with the correct names but all of them are 2x above what they should be. The 20x20 image is acutally 40x40, the 40x40 is actually 80x80 etc. I went to the support page and it never loads. Could be a server error, but I was unable to report this to the developer directly. Hopefully it will be a quick fix and an update.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.5
Review by It’s pronounced *zed*

Awesome app, and it's free! - Other review experiences notwithstanding, this app works perfectly for me. I drag in a 1024x1024 image, and it instantly generates all the requisite icons, waiting to be dragged into an AppIcon set. It couldn't be easier. My only complaint is that I have no way to pay the author for this, Iconify's saved me tons o' time.

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Version 1.5
Review by Tom Daniel

I like the functionality but it isn’t working - I drag in a 1024x1024 PNG and it warns that the dimensions are 288x288. It created the files that I thought would work until I realized that they were actually double the size that they should be!

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