iCharacter Sheet Castles & Crusades - Free

Developer: Digital Adventures, LLC

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Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Now save and print out your Castles & Crusades character wherever you want on your Mac computer!

***Note, this is the FREE version of our iCharacter Sheet – Castles & Crusades app for the Mac. This version is for buyers to review prior to buying our FULL version. The FREE version cannot save characters or export to HTML.***

Digital Adventures, innovative designers of RPG applications for nearly a decade, and Troll Lord Games is proud to present our second in our line of RPG character sheets for the iPad under the iCharacter Sheet brand: iCharacter Sheet – Castles & Crusades. This app contains a detailed character sheet that has everything you need to bring your C&C character to the gaming table. No more scribbling mistakes or erasing holes in your paper sheet, the iCharacter Sheet – Castles & Crusades puts all of your character’s stats, abilities, powers, equipment, and campaign history on your Mac computer.

Features for this app include:

* Six different tabs to input your information: Main (Stats, Attack, AC, Hit Points, Combat), Items (Equipment, Treasure, Henchmen), Magic (Magic Items, Spells, Spellbook), Details (Character History, Portrait, Adventure Record, Options (Castle Keepers Guide), Notes (Race & Class Abilities, Campaign Notes)

* Import an image for your character from any downloaded pic.

* Multi-line entry system that scrolls down to give a larger entry window.

* Pop-up equipment, spells, and magic item entries to give you more entry information.

* Export your iCharacter Sheet to an HTML file that you can email to yourself (for printing) or your Castle Keepter (DISABLED IN FREE VERSION)

Future upgrades to this app are in the works to further broaden functionality and add additional tools for the C&C player.

 If you find this app useful then please buy our FULL version!

It is important to note that the iCharacter Sheet - Castles & Crusades is not a character generator, and contains no coded or database driven C&C rules or game information. The iCharacter Sheet - Castles & Crusades is an input-only tool, per legal usage as outlined by Troll Lord Games. 

The iCharacter Sheet brand and iCharacter Sheet - Castles & Crusades application product are trademarks of Digital Adventures, LLC and Troll Lord Games, ©2011, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This product’s format, programming code, and presentation is copyrighted by Digital Adventures, LLC and its partners and licensors. Purchase of this product subjects the buyer to the Mac App Store legal Terms of Conditions regarding purchase and use.