iCaramba Spanish Course

Developer: Daniel de Fonte

Current Version: 1.0.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Welcome to iLoveLingo's iCaramba Spanish Course: Lesson 1-10!

Whether you want to learn basic Spanish for your vacation or seriously study the language, our Spanish Course will get you to your goal.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J8pOqZVIio

General Features:
- Easy, fun and fast, yet very comprehensive.
- 10 rapidly advancing lessons in HD graphics.
- Juan is your animated and talking guide.
- Listen to all phrases and words.
- Varying exercises with text, audio, and images.
- Sp-Eng Audio Dictionary included.
- No internet needed so you can study anywhere.
- Grammar is optional.
- For all ages - perfect for both homeschooling and adult learning.
- Developed by professional educators with more than 8 years of experience teaching online.

For more information about each lesson, screenshots and media, please visit:

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Thanks for your feedback.

1) The audio that drops after Lesson 1 is only what Juan (our digital spokesperson) says in English. This was done to prevent the app from becoming larger than 20 mb, which is the limit for apps to be available on the app store "over the air", ie. by mobile modems etc. Since these audio files are in English and thus aren't crucial for understanding Spanish, we decided to drop these rather than any other more essential content.

Also, the note for version 1.0.1 refers to the glossary of lessons 3 and 4, and not to the introductory audio for each lesson.

2) The navigational system is very much akin to the navigational system you'd encounter in apps for the iPad, for instance. Perhaps this approach needs to be reevaluated, and adding a next-button at the end of each lesson to quickly navigate to the start of the next lesson as you suggest (if I understand you correctly) seems like a good idea.

Kind regards,


Release Notes:

- Fixed issue with muted audio in glossary, Lessons 3 and 4.


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0.1
Review by gharacheh

has lots of potential but doesn't seem finished.... - I'm trying to learn a little spanish in preparation for a trip coming up, and looked into all the options (books, rosetta stone, fluenz, and the other options in the app store). Picked this one as a quick, affordable way to get the ball rolling. I've only clicked through a few lessons so far and found two pretty annoying issues: 1) Juan's audio totally drops out after the first introduction. The app notes above mention that this issue has been fixed, but its not working at all for me. I jumped to a later lesson (6 or 7ish can't remember)...and no audio there either. 2) The navigation is terrible. If there was just a simple "next" link or something to take me to the next chapter that would be perfect. As it stands it seems you have to click back to "menu", select the lesson you are on, and then pick a chapter. I've already gotten lost and I'm just getting started. Other than that, the program looks promising. Juan is pretty entertaining, and so far i'm learning actual usable phrases and vocab (My name is, I work at...., etc). Doesn't look like its going to get that in-depth but I didn't expect it too. Wish I would have waited for somebody else to review this before purchasing though, I feel a little cheated because of the audio issue (is it unreasonable to expect software that you pay money for to actually work?)

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