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Current Version: 7.0.2

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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iCaching is an indispensable tool for geocachers with a Mac. Import, organize, manage, explore and export your geocaches with iCaching! A native, fast Mac App. Tested on Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra.

====== Import ======
Import GPX- or LOC-files using the import button, or drag and drop them into iCaching.
Import Pocket Queries directly from Geocaching.com from the Pocket Query window. iCaching also notifies you when new PQs are ready for download.
Each Pocket Query will be imported into it's own folder.
iCaching also supports the Geocaching Live API. You can query geocaches from Geocaching.com using all kinds of filters.

====== Organize, manage and explore ======
Explore your geocache library with the special 'Library'-folders. View your finds, favorited caches and so on. Sort on all properties of the caches.

You can easily add folders and organize your geocaches with drag and drop. Each cache has only one instance in the database.

The tabs under the geocache list show the different aspects of the selected geocache. The Info tab shows the metadata. In this tab you can also add your own note, corrected coordinates, like or dislike a cache and add or remove Favorites.
The description tab shows the offline description. The Webpage tab shows the geocache page on Geoaching.com.
The additional waypoints (for multi's) are show on the waypoints tab, with descriptions and a map.
Logs are shown on the logs-tab. Every time you import a new version of the same geocache, new logs are added to the loglist.
The last tab shows the Images that are related to the cache. You can easily export them to Garmin devices for reference 'in the field'.'

The Map window displays geocache(s) and additional waypoints on a map. This map is interactive; select caches or waypoints on the map to view their properties in iCaching and vice-versa. You can switch between map types, including Open Street Maps.

An extended search window helps you to sort out caches by all properties of the cache. You can save your filter as a Smart Folder, for later use.

iCaching can contain multiple home- or centerlocations and calculates distance and bearing from there for all geocaches on the fly.

GCVote is build in. iCaching queries for GCVote on every import, and you can rate a cache on GCVote when you have a GCVote-account.

====== Export ======
iCaching can export to GPX, GGZ, CSV and to a lot of other file-formats
You can also export directly to a whole list of GPS-devices (Garmin, Magellan, DeLorme), including paperless devices like e.g. Garmins Oregon series.

====== Logging ======
After a cache trip, easily log your finds with iCaching. You can read the visits file from your paperless GPS.
iCaching also provides the ability to log Travelbugs and to add pictures to your logs.


To make usage of the entire range of iCaching functionalities you need a premium membership at geocaching.com

If you have feature-wishes or discovered something that doesn't work as expected, please contact us! You'll always get a response.
And of course: if you like iCaching, recommend it with a review!

In short, happy caching with iCaching!


Release Notes:

Version 7.0.2 (November 2017)
- iCaching now remembers the last used settings for library cleanup
- Enabling/disabling columns in the cache list
- Several refresh issues with the Map
- Printed Map now does contain geocaches again
- Other small issues

Version 7.0.1 (November 2017)
- Purging old logs was not working correctly
- Editing user waypoint on waypoints tab could make the application freeze

Version 7.0 (October 2017)
- Geocaches close to each other appear now clustered on the map. This also vastly improves the speed of the map with large amounts of geocaches.
- New Library cleanup function to easily purge archived and/or old geocaches and logs.
- iCaching now uses the new round geocache icons
- When importing a field notes file containing geocaches that are not in iCaching, the cache names and types are retrieved via the api
- The API window now has the new API logo
- Various small issues

Version 6.6 (June 2017)
- A change by Geocaching.com in the API responses made importing via the API crash
- Sometimes the API access token was not persisted, so you had to login again and again
- Sometimes the changes in the geocache note were forgotten

Version 6.5.1 (April 2017)

Improved Map:
- More informative tooltip texts
- Less automatic panning of the map
- You can select to center the Map on the selected cache or not; works as a toggle now
- Changes of the geocache (e.g. changing corrected coords) now appears immediately on the map
- The found and owned icons are back

Version 6.5 (April 2017)
- Support for the Touchbar on the new MacBook Pros
- iCaching now remembers the open windows: Log window, Map and Homes panel. When you restart iCaching they will return.
- The Map window now remembers your last settings: map type, visible map area etc. and comes back with the same settings after a restart.

- Completely rewritten Maps window: replaced the Google Maps engine with Apple Maps which works much smoother and faster.
- Pinch to zoom in the map
- Show user location in the map
- Re-introduced the toolbar in the Log window to make importing field notes more discoverable.

- Autovisit TBs only for Find logs
- Small other fixes

Version 6.0.2 (January 2017)
- Visit from here (autovisit) is now the default log type for trackables in your inventory
- Help descriptions regarding logging

Version 6.0 (January 2017)

- GGZ file export for modern Garmin GPS devices (implemented in 'Export to File').
- Autovisit travelbugs. Mark your travelbug as autovisiting and it will visit all geocaches in your log batch.
- Download your owned geocaches with one click from the new Library menu.

- Download your found geocaches in a more clear way via a new dialog from the new Library menu.
- Added Garmin 700 Series GPS
- Write note logs for travelbugs now possible without tracking code


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.6.2
Review by hidegoseek

The Best! - I’ve been using iCaching for almost a year, and it just keeps getting better and better. Every time a new challenge is published I go to iCaching to see if I already qualify; and if I don’t qualify, I switch one of the compound filters from “found” to “not found” and get a list of caches that satisfy the challenge requirements. As mentioned in other reviews, being a premium Groundspeak member provides the option for pocket queries, which iCaching imports flawlessly on demand. I especially like the feature that allows me to load the GPSr with only those puzzle caches that I’ve solved, and it even transfers any notes I’ve created on the iCaching page to my Garmin 62s. Creating custom gpx files is easy, and very useful in other mapping applications. Don’t be deterred by the few negative reviews for the app, those reviewers should have just posted a DNF and tried again later.

Found helpful by 11 out of 11 people
Version 2.8
Review by cmrand3

USELESS - Completely worthless. Importing the caches is difficult at times impossible. Can't print a decent list Gotta go through five steps just to do one thing. worst $15.00 dollars I have spent. I hate writing reviews but I am so frustrated with this program I feel like I have to.

Found helpful by 2 out of 5 people