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Developer: iBoostUp Pty Ltd

Current Version: 5.95

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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**The original and best Mac Cleaner and Optimizer on the Mac App Store℠ since 2011 **

Has your Mac become slow and unresponsive? Has it lost some of the zing it used to have? Are you getting unexpected crashes and error messages? Is your Macbook getting hot and the fan running constantly?

If so, you need to download iBoostUp!

Note: This app is exactly the same as iBoostUp except there are no in-app purchases so that customers who previously purchased using macOS 10.6 can continue to use all functionality without limitation; or for users who prefer an App Store purchase before download instead of in-app upgrades.

iBoostUp tunes up and optimizes your Mac by purging unneeded files, fixing your hard disk, giving you performance recommendations, protecting your privacy by removing cookies, showing you easily accessible system information, and much more!

iBoostUp's Memory Booster allows you to view detailed system memory information, and optionally free up memory with its "Boost Now" functionality.

iBoostUp's Duplicate File Finder helps you regain disk space and reduce clutter by searching for files with identical content, irrespective of location or filename. Duplicate File Finder gives you the opportunity to review and select individual files for removal, but rest assured that in case of inadvertent deletion your files are recoverable from Mac OS's Trash until emptied.

ARP Cache Poisoning is a hacking technique used to eavesdrop and otherwise manipulate your network traffic. It is of particular concern when connected to untrusted networks such as those found at airports, hotels and cafes.
With iBoostUp's ARP Cache Poisoning Detector you can scan for or be automatically alerted on suspicious network activity.

Reclaim more disk space by using iBoostUp's Application Uninstaller to seek out and remove application related files instead of simply dragging an app to the Trash.

Old and Unused File scanner
Searching for old and unused files on your Mac helps reduce clutter and free up disk space.

Disk Usage Tool
Track down which files and folders consume the most space in your home folder, your Mac's internal or any removable disk.

iBoostUp now features App Viewer!
App Viewer examines your selected application to display useful and not always easily accessible information.

Introducing iBoostUp Premium.
iBoostUp Premium users enjoy full access to all current and future iBoostUp add-ons plus priority customer support. This is the recommended option if you'd like to enjoy all that iBoostUp has to offer now and in future with a one off purchase.


Release Notes:

- Bugfix in ARP scanner


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.5
Review by MattyG2k6

Perfect until last update - This app is AWESOME for maintaining your Mac. The only Drawback is the loss of the Repair Disk option. Support is very vague on this issue and the tips to fix this don't work right.

Found helpful by 35 out of 42 people
Version 3.8
Review by maccassie

Buggy and Support Wont Help - I know you are not supposed to give bad reviews for bugs. I did what I am supposed to and reported the bugs to them multiple times over the last 1-3 months. I have received ZERO responses back. So I am forced to give a bad review and update it once the bug is fixed. We have multiple AppleTV units in our house and in our office. Some are the 1080i version and some are the 1080p version. We see the SAME problem at both locations. When you run iBoostUp, it reports an ARP Cache attack on our network over multiple IP's. In doing a network scan, we see that the IPs it is reporting are all 1080p AppleTV units. The 1080i ones are not reporting. This is an easy fix to filter these out. Again. Once fixed I will update this to 1 star and also post the excuse for zero responses to my tech support requests.

Found helpful by 14 out of 23 people