Developer: Jiulong Zhao

Current Version: v2.30

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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a MUST have app for your Retina iMac!

Take your eyes off the screen and "here" will show you exactly where your mouse pointer is. No shaking your mouse and losing your position.

Creating a critical spreadsheet, retouching a complex photo, or reading a scientific paper? After you answer your phone, rub your eyes or step away, you'll waste precious time looking for your mouse cursor. With a desktop that's also saturated with files and folders, just turn away and you'll go looking for that cursor again. Work on multiple monitors late into the night? Now you'll know where, and on which monitor — even from across the room!

"here" is a brilliant new app that helps you pick up where you left off. Anytime your mouse is idle, a bright, shape highlights your cursor, marking its position. Inside your shape, a live counter displays how long your mouse, pen or touchpad has been inactive. Easily change your shape's color, size and transparency to fit your task or just because you want to. As soon as you resume work, your shape will fade or pop off. Pause or take break, and your shape comes back on, waiting patiently for you to continue.

If every second counts in what you do, always know where your cursor is. It's "here".

- choice of 3 shapes:circle, diamond, or square. more shapes coming soon
- adjustable size of 20 to 500 pixels
- choose or change color anytime
- color transparency from 20 to100%
- set "idle time" before shape's appearance from 5 to 1200 seconds (20 minutes)
- "idle time" counter displays inside shape at 1/10 second intervals (shape size must be above 130 pixels)
- option to turn off "idle time" counter
- choose if your shape fades in, fades out, pops on, or pops off
- senses mouse movements, pens, mouse scroll wheel or touchpad gesture events
- handles keyboard events when not focus on text input mode
- simple control panel, easily accessible from the menu bar
- instant feedback configuring color, size and transparency
- shows mouse position during (idle and forced) sleep and wake up
- multithreading core
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v1.82 -> v2.00
a very important upgrade according to user's feature request:
-add Fully Customizable Global Hotkey to invoke the shape immediately whenever you want to locate your mouse pointer; (hotkey preset to command + control + shift + h)
- more detailed technical support email templet
- more detailed feature request email templet
- more by dragonBTV panel updated
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v2.00 -> v2.07
- add check box of "use global hot key"
- add alert dialog switch between "use global hot key" and "handle keyboard event"
- more by dragonBTV panel updated
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v2.07 -> v2.20
- hide dock icon option added according to user's feature request
- color of status menu bar icon changed to white under OS's dark menu mode
- color of buttons changed under OS's dark menu mode
- more by dragonBTV updated
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v2.20 -> v2.30
- Easy Startup Tip added under the Support menu
- more by dragonBTV updated


Release Notes:

v2.20 -> v2.30
- Easy Startup Tip added under the Support menu
- more by dragonBTV updated


Most Helpful Reviews

Version v1.82
Review by hungry tom

Wow! - It's like I've been driving a car for 25+ years and suddenly Detroit gave me headlights! Now I always know where the cursor is without doing the "loose wrist shuffle"—sort of like always finding your car in a giant parking lot or never losing a child in a shopping mall! You can even use the "idle time counter" to time how long a web page takes to load. Know anyone with Visual Disabilities? Instead of going to the Universal Access Preferences to access a big ugly cursor, "next" gives them an elegant and colorful way to keep their place while reading. Good to have when sharing your Mac with your grandparents! Wow, again.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version v2.30
Review by gratidudee

Brilliant new strategy to solve this problem - New strategy (out of the way — until needed, then unobtrusive). Of course compatible with a “mouse-trails” app or a big-cursor app — so no need to limit oneself to one strategy. But this is an important part of my productivity.

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