everDOCs Bridge

Developer: iNimated.com

Current Version: 1.0.39

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 27.8 MB - Download


Easily view files anywhere -- Bridge the gap between your iPhone/iPad and your computer with everDOCs, the easy-to-use app that lets you easily access remote documents and share them securely.


Be more productive by accessing important files from your personal computer while you're away from your home or office. No more emailing yourself files or downloading them to a USB drive. everDOCs is the simple, secure solution to always have the files you need at your fingertips on your iPhone or iPad.

Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to remotely explore the drives and folders of your home or office computer. Now, you can read any documents live wherever you are. Securely share folders with your friends or let documents you forgot be emailed to you.

Avoid the security issues of public cloud services where your files would be copied by a third party-server. Instead, stream them directly from your computer to your mobile iDevice using your own fast and secure (SSL-encrypted) everDOCs Private Cloud.

everDOCs does not require a registration and does not store any personal data or documents. Even if you lose your iDevice, your data will never end up in the wrong hands: They are neither stored on your iPhone, nor anywhere in the internet, but exclusively on your own computer or server. Our technology and our privacy policy make everDOCs the fastest and most secure remote document viewing (and sharing) tool for iDevices available on the App Store.

The everDOCs Private Cloud consists of two components:

1. The free OSX application everDOCs Bridge (download from the Mac App Store or from http://everdocs.com, Windows version available): Install it on your computer or server at home or in your office.

2. The free everDOCs universal iOS App for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (download here from the iTunes App Store)

*** Note: Both components are required to stream your documents to your iPhone/iPad. ***

Benefits of everDOCs include:

* Remote Viewing: Use your iPhone or iPad on the road to browse remotely through your home computer's file system and watch all your original documents live. Never synchronize again!

* Email Documents On Demand: Access your home or office computer remotely from your iPhone to email any files stored there whenever and wherever you need them. everDOCs can also zip them for you if you like.

* Secure Sharing: everDOCs may be used securely even for private or confidential documents, such as copies of identity documents, credit card or bank account details, insurance papers, contracts, etc. Declare any folders/directories to be "Shared Folders" and invite selected people to access the documents inside. They will always see your actual, original documents and not synchronized copies.


Both everDOCs Bridge and the everDOCs iOS app are completely free for remote viewing PDF documents. Additional Add-Ons are available over In App Purchase for the iOS app:

- Document Package: Stream and read many document types (besides PDF): iWork, Microsoft Office, text, pictures, web links, and more.

- Security Package: Use Safe SSL encryption for document streaming to enhance security.

Start accessing your files no matter where you are -- download everDOCs today!


Release Notes:

- minor bugfixes
- connection problems in WLAN configurations solved
- email issues with some providers (web.de, 1und1.de...) solved