Developer: Jonathan Campbell

Current Version: 1.0.7

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 12.5 MB - Download


elarel is a pure logic puzzle game. You play as elarel the owl, who has just discovered a huge cave filled with treasure, going deep into the earth. You must navigate through the 25 challenging levels of the cave, collecting treasure while conquering the many devious traps and devilish creatures that stand in your way. There are no timing or reflex-based puzzles in the game, so you can play as fast or as slow as you like.

It is a difficult journey ... do you have what it takes to guide elarel through the cave safely and get all the treasure?

Note: To restart a level, press the 'r' key. You can also press 'q' to quickly save and 'e' to quickly load your game.

You can also devise your own levels, by downloading the free level editor from the game website.


Release Notes:

Thanks to all those who have played our game. (Please consider leaving a review on the App Store.) This version is mainly a bug fix release with the following changes:

-Added several images for the winter & halloween tilesets.
-Added an image for the player holding the pickaxe.
-More objects are now able to be toggled by the lever (slanted walls, arrow passages).
-Animation on main menu.
-Fixed several small bugs.