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eXtra Voice Recorder is a combination of a powerful high-quality audio recorder and an easy-to-use audio files manager. This handy tool is always with you, so all you need to start recording is to hit a hotkey. You can add a detailed description with

Information overload — Swamped by paper, emails, notes? Meet DEVONthink — designed to manage and organize all those disparate pieces of information that are so important to your work or studies. As you become more experienced with DEVONth

KyPass is a Mac version of KeePass from Dominik Reichl. It saves many different information (user names, passwords, urls, comments, …) in one single database. The entries are sorted in groups. The integrated search function allows to search i

Sticky Notes as Smart as Your Macintosh – Capture, save, secure, organize and find everything! Scrappy Notes combines the simplicity of sticky notes with powerful, thoughtfully designed features to help you manage, search, and safeguard your i

RECORD, ORGANIZE AND SHARE This is a fully functional lecture recorder that allows users to capture audio recordings of their courses in a format compatible with iTunes. Lecture Recorder increases your productivity, integrating your course recordin

NoteAway is the simplest, most convenient way to take quick notes on OS X. NoteAway has lots of powerful features for free, like iCloud syncing, rich text, attachments, simple import/export, and a variety of customizable options. Upgrade to NoteAwa

Filr is a compact application that allows you to quickly and easily rename, tag, and comment on files. It works a bit differently than most tagging apps: when a group of files is opened, Filr presents each one individually rather than as a group. It'

Record everything. By integrating traditional text notes with audio, video, and slides, Pear Note ensures that you never miss a thing. Do you: Look at your notes and wonder what they mean? Pear Note can jump straight to the point in the recording w

• • • Limited Sale for one week! Just $3.99 • • • ePub Viewer + is the fastest and most reliable app to view epub documents, it also lets users convert epub document to pdf file. • • Features • &bul

Welcome to Notability: powerful, yet wonderfully simple note-taking and annotation. Apple's Mac App of The Year! Apple Editors' Choice on iPad, iPhone, and Mac! Recognized by Apple as the Best Selling Paid Productivity app in 2016, 2015, 20

SoundNote is the best way to take notes in meetings, lectures, and interviews. It tracks what you type and draw while recording audio, so you'll never worry about missing an important detail. During playback, just click a word: SoundNote will jump ri

Your thoughts are important! Treat them like gold with DEVONnote. It keeps all of your notes safe in one place and helps you organize them in a way that’s meaningful to you, using its unique built-in artificial intelligence (AI). In addition,

FileTags allows you to assign tags to files and folders, and later search for them. Attention: The tags currently do not integrate with spotlight or the native OSX tags system. Full version features: - Unlimited tags (limited to 5 in lite version)

Is your email out of control? Are you running out of time to reply to everything? Vail can help. It allows you to save typing time by recording and sending voice recordings attached to email messages in OS X Mail. Features include: * Record a sh

PDF Reader Expert is a cute, professional, powerful and easy-to-use PDF reader and note-taker for your Mac! It allows you to read, annotate, and search specific information in your PDF files, write down your thoughts while you enjoy reading and turn

IP Camera Viewer 2 app allows to monitor and record video from IP Cameras. It allows to easily setup recording video on schedule, or events only (Motion Detection). Once the cameras are setup for recording, you could quickly search recorded video a

This application allows you to plot together both the Bode and Nyquist diagram of a transfer function. Through a dedicated function you can set the maximum frequency of the Nyquist diagram and the frequency range for the Bode diagrams of the module

MDEdit is one of the best Markdown editor for web developers on Mac OS X. KEY FEATURES: ◆Quick Look Support. ◆UTF8 Support. Write in any language! ◆Auto Save. Save your work automatically. ◆Version History. Revert your do

The purpose of "Command-F" is to set up hotkeys to launch your favorite file search tool. It supports the following utilities: - Tembo - HoudahSpot 3 (*) - Find Any File - EasyFind - DataLore (*) "Command-F" is not compatible with the newly release

***** Holiday Sale for a Limited Time!! Normal price: $19.99 ***** *** Get it to help you do a thorough sorting with your hard drive! Does your Mac run slowly? Or it usually alerts you that it has no more space to store files? Don’t worry! Thi