eXtra Voice Recorder Lite - Record, Organize, Note

Developer: Denys Yevenko

Current Version: 3.1

Last Updated: 1 year ago

Download Size: 5.2 MB - Download


eXtra Voice Recorder is a combination of a powerful high-quality audio recorder and an easy-to-use audio files manager. This handy tool is always with you, so all you need to start recording is to hit a hotkey. You can add a detailed description with photos to each recording and bookmark important parts for ease of navigation. A built-in search tool will help you quickly find the necessary recording or its fragment.

- Organize your recordings
Integrated flexible categorization and search tools will help you find the necessary recordings in no time.

- Supply your recordings with comments
For convenience, you can add comments and photos to each recording. Moreover the app keeps photos synchronized with audio.

- Integrate eXtra Voice Recorder with Dropbox
Simply select the folder to save recordings inside your Dropbox folder and you not only get access to your recordings from any device, but any changes in recordings will be immediately displayed in the eXtra Voice Recorder.

- Keep notes in the meta tags of recording
Now all information about the recording (markers, notes, photos, comments...) is stored in the meta tags and is available from any other application.

- Import existing recordings
Just drag recordings made in other applications into the program window to add them to eXtra Voice Recorder.

- Export to MP3 and AAC
eXtra Voice Recorder allows you to export a single recording or group of recordings to MP3 or M4A (AAC) format.

- Send recordings by Email
For convenience, you can send one or more recordings via email by making just a few clicks.

- Search recordings
The built-in search function will help you find a recording or a fragment by name, description or tag.

- Always at hand and ready to work
Support of a menu bar icon and global hotkeys enables you to start the recording right when you need it.


- Continue previously created recordings
eXtra Voice Recorder allows you to continue previously created recordings at any time.

- Edit your recordings
The Split function allows you to quickly split a recording into several fragments.

- Recording without pauses
The sound detector turns the recording on when it detects sounds and turns it off during periods of silence.

- Mark the most important parts of your recordings
Mark the most important parts of your recordings with tags and comments. They can be added during recording and afterwards. This will allow you to quickly find the necessary fragment in the future.

- Keep your recordings synced across your devices and your Dropbox account
Simply link eXtra Voice Recorder to your Dropbox account and you not only get access to your recordings from any device, but any changes in recordings will be immediately displayed in the eXtra Voice Recorder on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.


Release Notes:

• New flat interface
• Ability to add photos to recordings
• Support for Retina display
• German, French, Japanese languages
• Multiple fixes and improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.2
Review by Inocen1

Thank you for helping me record my Dad's last phone message before he died - I just wanted to say thank you for making an application that lets me easily plug my iPhone into my mac and let me record old voicemails. My dad passed away early in the month and he left me a few voicemails shortly before he died. I feared I would lose them forever due to the expiration of voicemails, but thanks to your application, I'll have them forever. The export feature is very appreciated as well. Thanks and very nice work on the application.

Found helpful by 54 out of 55 people
Version 2.3
Review by The Sra

Won't even open - When I first got this app, I was quite excited about it. After two hours, however, I have come to detest it. I opened it once it finished downloading, closed the popup asking me if I wanted to upgrade to the paid version, and made a little test recording. Upon finishing that, I tried to name the recording "test". However, the app quit quite inconveniently and unexpectedly when yet another popup appeared, asking me if I wanted to buy yet another app, presumably made by the same developers. I tried repeatedly to reopen the app, but to no avail. Now, I can't even remove the app because it thinks it's still open, when it is clearly not. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but it's still a bug and needs to be fixed.

Found helpful by 27 out of 31 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.1
Review by mightyPhone

It hangs my Mac!! - This app reminds me of one of those garbage Windows app you download from some so called app developer. This app hangs my Mac with the infinite beach ball rolling. And it won’t even response to force quit. I had to restart my Mac to get rid of it. I can’t believe it even passed Apple’s scrutiny and made it to the App Store.

Found helpful by 9 out of 11 people
Version 3.1
Review by mranhle

Perfect app, all in one! - I'm looking for a voice recorder app so my close friend introduced it to me. Firstly, i think this is one of the best audio recorder app on Mac Appstore, it brings me many convenient features that help me a lot in work. My favorite feature is i can add a detailed description with photos to each recording, it's so awesome. Then i can export to MP# or AAC and share to other people. Thanks for creating, i hope the developer will update more functions in the next version.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 3.1
Review by Wizarderek

Do not download! - This app is complete garbage. I downloaded it because I needed to voice record practice counseling sessions for a graduate class. I made three recordings and created a folder; immediatly after creating the folder the app froze. The app would not respond to a force quit. I had to shut down my computer just to close the app, and I lost all of my recordings. How is this application even still available for download?! The app store is becoming more and more unreliable.

Found helpful by 5 out of 7 people
Version 3.1
Review by meldtruong

Simple, easy, just perfect - Extremely easy to use. In the free version, it’s not possible to start, pause, and continue. That’s the only down side that I’ve seen so far. All I’m using the app for is voice memo and memorization. Simple and easy enough.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 3.1
Review by muaps4

good app - very convenient, I have been recording high quality and very simple. I also exported to MP3 and ACC. app has helped me a lot in their work as well as entertainment. you should download them and share its amazing show

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people