e-Sword X: Bible Study Extreme

Developer: Rick Meyers

Current Version: 4.0

Last Updated: 6 months ago

Download Size: 14.4 MB - Download


e-Sword® — the world's most popular PC Bible study software is now available on the world's most advanced desktop operating system! e-Sword X is feature rich and user friendly. As your Biblical library grows you will appreciate the intuitive layout and synchronization of resources. e-Sword X is so easy to use you may never need to click on the Help menu!

EVERYTHING NEEDED to study the Bible in an enjoyable and enriching manner. All Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, … everything is just a click away!

POWERFUL SEARCHES that are simple to use. Enter as many words you want to search for and select the settings.  You can even search on Strong numbers!

INTEGRATED EDITOR for creating your own study notes, even with images. Rich text notes are "linked" to the Bible for easy viewing as popover tooltips!

PARALLEL BIBLE of your own design for comparing passages.

STRONG'S DEFINITIONS are just a click away and presented in a popover tooltip.

SCRIPTURE REFERENCES too are just a click away and presented in a popover tooltip.

COMPARE BIBLES quickly to see how the different versions translate a verse.

LOCATION MAPS pin-point Biblical places on live modern maps to help bring the narrative to life!

READING PLANS designed to help you grow in your knowledge of the Bible.

No Internet connection is required to use e-Sword X.

e-Sword X initially installs with the King James Bible and the King James with Strong's numbers study Bible, the Strong's Lexicon, Smith's Bible dictionary, F. B. Meyer devotional commentary, and the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge cross references. There are over one hundred additional Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, reference books and devotionals that you can download and add to your library absolutely free!

Also available are some "locked" resources which must be purchased from their publisher. These are copyright and licensing requirements which are unavoidable.

Please note that e-Sword X is an *ENGLISH* release (but does include Spanish UI localization.) There are dozens of non-English Bibles available, but all other content is in English.

The perfect app on the perfect platform. What are you waiting for? Download e-Sword X today and get to studying the Bible!


Release Notes:

* Numerous usability and performance enhancements, in addition to bug fixes. Such improvements include direct access to the Bible Search settings, and complete implementation of the Share functionality.

* New feature for tagging your favorite Bible verses with your own unique labels.

* Direct import of third-party e-Sword resources.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.2
Review by George La Forge

Mac User - I choose to buy e-Sword X for two reasons: 1) the main reason being that the freeware Bible software (Eloquent) that I had previously used was no longer compatable with my new updated operating system and 2) I have many friends and family members who have used various versions of e-Sword and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. My experience with it so far is no different than theirs and I have been overall impressed with its performance. I am still a green e-Sword user, so there is a lot of functionallity that I have not yet explored. The only little quirk that I seem to have found with the program is a minor bug regarding the loading and deleting of modules - nothing serious. Highly recommended perchase in my opinion, it will be well worth your money.

Found helpful by 18 out of 18 people
Version 3.2
Review by chrislambuth

Extreme Lack of Resources - Truthfully this is a great product IF you prefer the KJV ONLY! It offers a limited amount of other translations. And what I mean by limited is just that. I can down;oad additonal language translations (Chinese, German, so on), but to get NIV is an additional $19.99, or NLT is $14.99 and NET is $19.99. So if you prefer on KJV this product is for you - as for the rest of the world…find something else…unless you’re loaded and don’t care.

Found helpful by 6 out of 13 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.0
Review by Lansing MI native

Certainly the best Bible app, without doubt - I own Logos, Online Bible, Olive Tree Bible Study app and e-Sword. E-Sword is by far the best in terms of cost, access to top commentaries and resources and ease of use. Logos is absolutely the worst in terms of cost (!!!) and ease of use (!!!). Online Bible is easy to use and inexpensive but has little access to top commentaries. Olive Tree is kind of in the middle. E-Sword lets me have top commentaries and resources at about 25 percent of what Logos charges. Check it out. It requires no classes like Logos offers in order to learn it. It is pretty easy to use. I use it on my iPhone, my Windows computer and my Mac. Very happy with this product. Only change I would make would be to allow you to seamlessly flow from one commentary to another with a keyboard combo instead of using the mouse.

Found helpful by 8 out of 9 people
Version 4.0
Review by Harmony85

Awesome - Great for searching, find scriptures and verses, but I dont like how if I read I can’t jsut go to the next chapter, I have to selcet the chapter and verse. other than that it is an awesome app.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 4.0
Review by Sunny’s Honey

A Real Fan - As a Precept leader, I’ve been a constant user of E-Sword for 5 years & have told many classes about it. It’s superb! The switch to E-Sword X has been challenging and I still don’t have multi-verse retrieval down pat, but I’m determined to figure it out. It’s so much more convenient than using any on-line websites.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 4.0
Review by OCLydic

Does the job but.. - Yes, it slices and dices, but for me it is not a great program for study and contemplation. There are lots of tools but the “Study” aspect is dry. I find it frustrating when I discover a meaningful insight to the scripture, only to struggle with why highlights won’t delete; or why a study reference isn’t listed in a drop down list; or why I can’t print or save the results of a search term. Workarounds and a somewhat clumsy interface distract from a fluid and clear focus on the inspired Word itself.

Found helpful by 4 out of 8 people
Version 4.0
Review by Slow talk 1521

Great Study Help! - I use e-sword for everything, to daily Bible reading, sermon prep to studies in Church history. It is a powerful tool that has changed the way i do business.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people