EPUB Reader

Developer: Langui.net

Current Version: 2.1

Last Updated: 6 months ago

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EPUB Reader is a lightweight EPUB (electronic publication) document/ebook reader.

* Features
• Lightweight and fast
• Shortcuts to navigate through the pages/chapters
• Zoom in / zoom out
• Supports "Continuous Scroll", "Single Page" and "Two Pages" layouts
• Full screen mode
• Remember the last position automatically
• Right click to download/save the images
• Export to PDF (with table of contents)
• Export current page as a .webarchive document

* Keyboard shortcuts
• Next page: right arrow, down arrow, page down or space
• Previous page: left arrow, up arrow or page up
• Next chapter: Command-Shift-Right arrow
• Previous chapter: Command-Shift-Left arrow
• Zoom in: Command-+
• Zoom out: Command--
• Standard size: Command-0
• Go back: Command-[
• Go forward: Command-]
• Show / hide sidebar: Command-T
• "Continuous Scroll" mode: Command-1
• "Single Page" mode: Command-2
• "Two Pages" mode: Command-3

Note: EPUB Reader supports DRM-free books only.


Release Notes:

• Add "Continuous Scroll" and "Single Page" modes
• Support Mac OS X 10.7


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by Brent Knight

App works GREAT (10.8.x, unencrypted ePubs) - I have only just now installed this app (April, 2014). Before this, I used iText Express to open ePub files, but it's dog-slow. (No offense to them: they convert to an editable format, so are therefore doing a lot more work when reading the file initially. But since I have no intention of editing these ePubs, that effort is lost on me.) I've opened and navigated around inside a dozen ePub documents (mostly O'Reilly eBooks) with NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. And, compared to iText Express, the speed increase is basically infinite. I haven't used any other ePub reader on Mac OS, so my apologies if my experience is fairly narrow. Different documents open in different windows, but inside a window (document) you can open tabs on different parts of the document. It also has a tagging / bookmarking feature that I haven't played with, but you can see in the screenshots. It crashed when trying to open a "weird" ePub that I had lying around; and iText *was* able to open it. This might be a concern to other folks. And -- obviously -- it would be better if the app didn't crash when trying to open something it doesn't understand. But, for me, it is such a Great Leap Forward for my eBooks, that I'm giving it 5 stars anyways. My recommendation: if you want to use it for any eBooks from real publishers, I'd recommend it without hesitation. If you want to use it on any ol' file with an .ePub extension, then … well … I'd say it's probably worth a few bucks just to try it out.

Found helpful by 4 out of 6 people
Version 1.1.1
Review by ME 2-2

save your money - sould have read the one review. (now there are two) ... its all encoded so you cant read a thing even when you select iach font manually... and can't access the preference to change any settings. if you go to help; help is not available. one star because can't give less than that. don't waste your time and money.

Found helpful by 23 out of 23 people