Developer: The Virtual Explorer Pty Ltd

Current Version: 8.6.2

Last Updated: 22 days ago

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This program has been written to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of argon geochronology data from step-heating experiments in vacuo in a furnace attached to a mass spectrometer. Data is input in XML format with data tags available for individual laboratories by request.


Release Notes:

Version 8.6 of eArgon facilitates the use of the Wunderkind routines that allow the inversion of Arrhenius data to define activation energy and normalised frequency factor. These diffusion parameters, along with the furnace schedule used in measurement, and a reference age spectrum, can be exported to allow forward modelling of the effect of arbitrary pressure-temperature-time histories on the age spectrum, and how it will compare with observed data. In this minor update we fix an issue to do with thread-safe operation of the inversion routines, and accelerate the speed with which auto-inversion takes place.