Developer: The Virtual Explorer Pty Ltd

Current Version: 8.7.2

Last Updated: 23 days ago

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This program has been written to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of argon geochronology data from step-heating experiments in vacuo in a furnace attached to a mass spectrometer. Data is input in XML format with data tags available for individual laboratories by request.


Release Notes:

Version 8.7 of eArgon allows the inversion of Arrhenius data to define activation energy and normalised frequency factor. To do this the program uses 39Ar diffusion release data from a furnace-controlled temperature-step-heating 40Ar/39Ar geochronology experiment under ultra-high-vauum. These diffusion parameters, along with the furnace schedule used in measurement, and a reference age spectrum, can be exported to allow forward modelling of the effect of arbitrary pressure-temperature-time histories on the age spectrum using the MacArgon program. The eArgon Wunderkind routines allow modified Monte Carlo routines to rapidly determine the least-squares best fit to a set of selected Arrhenius data points. This minor update resolves issues with text not appearing when the "Plot all diagrams on one page" option has been chosen.