d-d ZoneX

Developer: Tomoyuki Okawa

Current Version: 1.5.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 3.6 MB - Download


Quickly relocate or duplicate files and folders to the destination folder of your choice.

d-d ZoneX is a simple Mac application that will allow the user to quickly relocate files and folders to the selected destination folder. d-d ZoneX will let you either move or duplicate imported files and folders to the selected destination. Furthermore, enable the Multiple checkbox to drag and drop more than one file/folder at a time.

You could certainly drag and drop a destination folder onto the sidebar of any folder window. But if it belongs to a removable drive, this favorite folder will disappear when you unmount the drive. In contrast, d-d ZoneX will never lose your destination folders. If a destination folder belongs to a removable drive, which is not currently mounted, then the main window of d-d ZoneX will turn red, telling you that the selected destination folder cannot be currently found.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 ~ 10.6.8, 10.7.x, 10.8.x


Release Notes:

Preferences: Enable 'Group files and folders' to list files and folders separately in the File list window. If this checkbox is enabled, folders will be listed first.
Choose Windows > Update File List to update the File list.
A few other minor changes are implemented.