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Current Version: 1.3.0

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"Create PDF contact sheets, HTML catalogues, resizes intelligently, safe naming, smart renaming, watermarks, slick interface, processes RAW images automatically, fast, big batch converter." - Duncan Evans

cf/x convert is the professional photographer's / designer's dream: a high-performance, ‘heavy-lifting’ batch processor designed specifically for creative workflows.
It excels in tasks that are common in photo/design studios. cf/x convert provides integrated solutions for many mind-numbing, time-consuming tasks that create high added value for you and your clients.

No matter what, convert never changes source files. So even if your batch setup contains a flaw, no data will be lost. Ever.

- 64bit, massively parallel format/size conversions
- converts a batch of images into a multi-page PDF complete with index/reference
- creates PDF contact / reference sheets
- generates HTML catalogs for batch, ready to deploy
- disassembles multi-page PDF into individual batch items
- smart, rule-based file naming
- safe (overwrite-proof) automatic data loss prevention
- watermarks images
- visual interactive batch management

- Format Conversion: automatically convert a large number of most file formats (e.g. .CR2 or .NEF) into standard image formats (including JPG, PNG and multi-page PDF)
- Size Conversion: automatically resize images to fixed or relative sizes and units (percent, pixel, inch, mm)
- Strip/Keep EXIF and transparency information
- Save batch configuration/presets

cf/x convert was designed from the ground up as a massively parallel, fully 64 bit application. If allowed, it coaxes the last available processor cycle out of your last available processing core. When run on your heavy iron, it crunches through your images like no other batch processor. All so you can return faster to being creative.

cf/x convert utilizes an intuitive, fully graphical batch interface with easy-to use drag & drop batch management (including batch order) and fully visual status feedback for individual batch items.


Release Notes:

- improved compatibility with OSX 10.10 Yosemite


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.0
Review by lastday2012

Too Few Options - not worth the price. - For the cost - its not flexable enough - and provides little control over the batch process. There are better programs for more than half the cost. Only get this if you think you need speed - but since you dont have the options to do much - not sure that it matters. Im going to buy yet another software. This app should cost 10-15 max.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people