Developer: produceNewMedia

Current Version: 2.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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aspectRatio features a Fixed Calculator for common square and non-square pixel aspect ratios. It also features a Custom Calculator with presets and “Not-Divisible by 16” alerts. These indicators will appear when resulting calculation outputs are not evenly divisible by 16. For more information please refer to the Help HUD located in the aspectRatio Custom Calculator module or in the Help Menu option.

Custom calculations begin with the user defining a source aspect ratio. Proportionate relative ratios are then returned based on user defined “width” and/or “height” inputs.

The RETURN key triggers calculations in both modules. Clicking through the “Mode Selector” segmented controller located in the Fixed Calculator will also trigger calculations when preexisting width and/or height inputs are present.


Release Notes:

• Added the option to define “Panavision” as 2.40:1 or 2.39:1. This preference modifies how aspectRatio defines Panavision when executing tasks in the Fixed Calculator, when selecting the Static Preset (in the Custom Calculator), and when reviewing Relative Crop variations (in the Crop Calculator).

• Rearranged the order of the aspect ratios located in the Fixed Calculator’s Mode Selector.

• Added modern DCI 2K and 4K presets to the the Custom Calculator.

• Improved the functionality of the Preset utility located in the application Preferences.

• Updated the Help Book.

• UI Tweaks.