Developer: Akenokarasuya

Current Version: 1.1.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Have you ever thought that it would be great if you could embed location information to your photos taken by a DSLR camera? akGeotagger and akGeologger make it real in a very easy way!

akGeotagger is an easy-to-use geotagging app, which enables you to open GPS data on a cool map, load photos, and embed the GPS data into the photos. akGeotagger supports time zone and date & time correction, so you can add correct date & time to your photos as well.

You do not need an expensive GPS for geotagging of photographs. Our akGeologger on iPhone can record GPS data and akGeotagger on Mac helps you to embed GPS data very easily. Because akGeologger and akGeotagger support iCloud, you do not need to take care of data transferring. Just record GPS data and it will appear on your Mac automatically.

Find out our akGeologger in App Store for iOS for your happy geotagging life!

Note that akGeotagger only supports gpx files that have array(s) of "trkpt" tags containing "time" tag. Please make sure that your gps logger can export gpx files with "trkpt" tags, or use akGeologger.


Release Notes:

Supports OS X 10.9.


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Version 1.1.2
Review by Brother Corporate

crashes, no app support, corrupts photos - Terrible, terrible, terrible. If you can get it to ‘work’, it will destroy your photos. Application Specific Information: Assertion failed: (ret!=nil), function stringByConvertingDateWithTimeZoneAndLocale, file /Users/takai/Dropbox/Documents/Akenokarasuya/akGeotagger/akGeotagger/Model/AKDateString.m, line 47.

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