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Current Version: 4.1

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Create customized catalogues, inventories and lists to organize your records, recipes, books, movies, bills, wines, beers, home inventory, games...


• Use the basic column types: text, number, date, datetime, time, check, enumeration, URL, rating, image, audio, video, PDF or file attachment according to the kind of information you want to store.

• iOS version (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch)

• Add, cut, copy, paste, delete and move easily your rows and columns along your tables.

• Export the selected rows or columns to TXT, XML, CSV and SQL standards.

• With ae cloud you can view and edit your ae databases from any device with a web browser: Linux / MAC / Windows / iOS / Android / ...

• Make instantly searches through the items of your databases.

• Define keys and constraints if you desire to avoid repeated or empty values.

• Make advanced searches to find exactly what you want in your databases.

• Make massive replacements thanks to the replacing panel.

• Opensource database format.

• Control all the sync process by choosing exactly what you want to sync.

• Create an account in and publish instantly your ae databases on the web.

• Advanced printing module to avoid partitioned items between paper sheets. Yes, ae calculates the space that a row may need and if the space that remains on the paper it's not sufficient, it skips the space and creates a new sheet.

• Undo manager allows you to navigate through modifications you have done to your tables during your session.

• Move among the values of your rows with the TAB key. All the cells are ready to be accessed only using the keyboard.

• Import TSV and CSV data.

• Recover corrupted files due to blackout during the saving process.

• Use in your WEB projects the databases you have created with ae thanks to the PHP parser that you can freely download from

• Sort your lists to find your data more easily or remove the order in case it doesn't matter. ae allows multicriteria sortings.

• Choose decimal mark and the thousands separator symbols to adapt it to your local numeration system.

• Integrated QuickTime Media Player to play music and video from your databases without any extra software. You can also preview the PDF documents of your databases.


Release Notes:

• Yosemite OSX


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by justmeeagainn

Just What I Needed - I really like this app. It's very simple and straightforward to me. I didn't experience any of the frustration that a previous reviewer had when using this. The app is a quick spreadsheet/database constructor. Just what I was looking for to keep track of my Twitter data. Seems well worth the money to me.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 1.1
Review by gentlehope

Not user friendly-Don't waste your money. - Apps are supposed to make things a bit easier in the things you want or need to do. Once one has to go for technical support online, that means there is great frustration involved…time lost…confusion…and regreat for having wasted money for the product. A good App should be simple enough to figure out things rather quickly, and more over, it should include it's own particular help menu to say the least. Although it would be great to have a step by step help as you go along using it's features. So, if you are not a programer or computer wiz…look for something better and don't waste your money on this App.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people