Developer: Tran Ky Nam

Current Version: 2.17

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 1.6 MB - Download


* Not working on latest OS X. Do not purchase.

* Existing customers please visit aText's web page for instruction to switch to non-sandboxed working version for free.

"The Best Text Expansion App" - LifeHacker

aText accelerates your typing by replacing abbreviations with frequently used phrases you define.

E.g. make an abbreviation “myname” to insert your name “First Middle Last” in any application.

With aText you can easily avoid typing the same thing over and over.


• Insert images and formatted text.

• Capitalize new sentences. Correct double capitals.

• Insert the current date and time in any format. Insert day in the future or the past, for example: next Sunday, previous Monday.

• Embed clipboard content in snippet, embed another snippet, use editable fields in snippet, send any key (such as Esc, Tab, Enter, arrow keys, etc).

• Reposition the cursor in the expanded snippet.

• Invoke AppleScripts and Shell Scripts.

• Built-in snippets for misspelling correcting, HTML and JavaScript coding.

• Import data from TextExpander, TypeIt4Me, SpellCatcherX, CSV file.

• Sync via iCloud/Dropbox/Google Drive/SkyDrive.


Release Notes:

Added option to disable Auto-Correction or snippet group in specific input methods.
Added ability to add note to snippet.
Improved "wildcard search" usability.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.17
Review by Instatron

Awesome in Yosemite! Broken in El Capitan :( - I love and cherish aText, but I’ve just installed OS X El Capitan, and aText is completely broken. No amount of futzing will work around this. Really hoping the developer is working on updating this app for Mac’s newest OS. If you’re reading this, aText Braintrust, please restore my faith in useful text expansion. You’re my only hope...

Found helpful by 30 out of 31 people
Version 2.17
Review by jennyrator

Poor support - I have purchased the app in August, and the system gave me a license number, but did not send an email with such number to keep for my records. In October, I had to re-install my OS, and the app has been wiped out. I re-downloaded it, but the updated version was a trial, which required a license number. The system adised that I should contact the developer, if I do not have the license number. I contacted the developer twice, but received no response. Purchasing this app may be a waste of money because you may need to re-purchase it again. While the app was functioning on my computer, it often failed to write out the shortcuts. I would have to re-type them. I would be OK with the occasional imperfections in the write out, but I am outraged about the lack of technical support, dispite their own recommendations.

Found helpful by 30 out of 36 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.17
Review by chuckd81

Working on El Capitan - I love this app and it has been a great addition to my workflow. Afer upgrading to El Capitan it stopped working. But I was able to get it up and running by downloading a demo version from the developer’s site and then transfering the App Store version's Licence. I’m back up and running.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 2.17
Review by thunksalot

DO NOT BUY THIS FROM THE APP STORE - Trankynam’s instructions for how to install the new version of the app outside of the App Store (so that it actually works) and transfer your license from the Mac Appstore version you paid for to the version of the app downloaded directly from Trankynam’s site DO NOT WORK in a PERMANENT way. I’ve done the steps, and yes they work. But every couple months somehow it forgets that I’ve previously done the license transfer steps, pops up a “Trial Expired” box, and I have to do the license transfer steps all over again! Very irritating when I paid for the software! I’ve contacted Trankynam support about this problem three times and received ZERO RESPONSE. I would like to recommend the aText software, but I cannot recommend doing business with Trankynam.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 2.17
Review by Dylqn

I have been using this on Yosemite and El Capitan - This app is a time saver, a must have in my opinion! Just install it from the developers website and you will run into NO problems. I have had this running on El Capitan for a long time now and have been nothing but satisfied with it’s preformance. For all of the users changing their votes from 5 stars to 1 star, it is because they do not know how to properly authenticate the license like the developer shows on his website. If you know how to use OS X and are more of an "advanced user" being able to do this simple task, you will run into no problems.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 2.17
Review by App user 2012

It’s okay, but not great - I am trying to like this app because I know that it can save me time. I’ve tried the other text expander app, but have run into problems with updates. I tried this one after reading other reviews. When it works, it’s great. However, when it doesn’t, you’ll find that there isn’t really any support. Contacting the developer results in one-line email responses that don’t solve the problem. This app has great potential, but some snippets work while others don’t and there isn’t any clear way to get this problem fixed.

Found helpful by 5 out of 7 people
Version 2.17
Review by The Tahi

El Capitan compatibility ??? - It doesn’t appear to be compatible with El Capitan. I’ve sent support a request and will update the review once they respond. This is disappointing as I rely on this hourly and I’ve really liked the program. Update: No response from the authors of the program. Not sure if this means the program is now unsupported or what. Update: the authors of the program responded and confirmed that due to the sandboxing requirements, the appstore version would not work with El Capitan. If you want to use atext with El Capitan, we will need to switch to the non-sandboxed version on the author’s website.

Found helpful by 44 out of 46 people