Developer: Jiulong Zhao

Current Version: v3.10

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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-- v3.10 (2017) for macOS Sierra 10.12 is here --
* ZoneClock, the most customizable zone clock app! *

Version history: v1.12->v1.27->v1.29->v2.17->v2.18->v2.61->v2.65->v2.70->v2.72->v3.00->v3.02->3.10

ZoneClock is a tiny but powerful world-time clock. It conveniently docks on the top system menu bar, so it's both visible and unobtrusive. Easy to use and 100% customizable, ZoneClock is ideal for the needs of everyone.
ZoneClock can display times from up to four different time zones simultaneously.
You can name these clocks however you wish, even with foreign and special characters!
All these setup operations are incredibly simple, and the menu can be accessed with a click of the mouse.

Features: (from v1.12 to v3.10)
- free upgrades and tech support for life
- fully customizable
- displays up to 4 time zones
- toggles between 12- and 24-hour clocks
- clock can display seconds
- auto open at Login (automatically lauch at startup)

v1.12 -> v1.27
- supports users who live in non-hourly time zones, as listed below. The user can match his/her local time zone by adding/subtracting minutes to/from an hourly time zone.
- supports the display of non-hourly time zones, as listed below, on one of the four clocks. The user can set-up non-hourly time zones by adding/subtracting minutes to/from an hourly time zone.
- add a button for fast, one-click email tech support.
- double menu for quickly Hide and Quit.

v1.27 -> v1.29
- simpler user interface for easier set-up
- added About window with use tips
- minor memory leaking bug fixed
- tip for version v1.29: if you live in a non-hourly zone, please have the option "Local zone adjust +/- xx minutes" checked;
- tip for version v1.29: If you want to display other non-hourly time zones, please check the last option "Non-hourly zone on display #4" and input the minutes on display #4;

v1.29 -> v2.17
- 400 plus city added, pick up your city from the list;
- auto hide after each start;
- total 4 zones can be setup to no-hourly zone;
- choice your icon from 8 colors or no icon display;
- hide button added to interface;
- one click DST setting;
- more simple interface for easy set up;
- check and make ZoneClock the most left on the menu bar every 5 minutes

v2.17 -> v2.18
- auto Startup Confirmation Dialog added
- minor bug fixed found in v2.17

v2.18 -> v2.61
- code partly rewritten for better efficiency
- add app exit alert
- icon's color and size changed
- status menu updated
- add more menu icons
- add menu "feature request"
- add menu "more by dragonbtv"

v2.61 ->v2.65
- add selectable option of "not forcing icon displaying first at menu"
- technical email support add subject and contents automatically
- more by dragonBTV panel updated

v2.65 -> v2.70
a very important upgrade!
- hide dock icon option added according to user's feature request
- featurerequest email add subject and contents automatically

-add option to use small fonts in size 12 to display
-city name list updated
-dragonBTV panel updated

v2,72 -> v3.00
- Sandboxed OS 10.6 to OS 10.8 compatible version
- rewrite all deprecated codes
- add user notification (under OS 10.8)
- add Sandbox compatible Email support
- add Sandbox compatible feature request
- more by dragonBTV update and Sandbox compatible

v3.00 ->v3.02
- add 42 new cities to the preset city list
- minor bug fixed

Current Version:

* technical support emails normally replied within 8 hours

Isle Marquises (French Polynesia, France): UTC -9.5
Newfoundland (Canada): UTC -3.5
Venezuela: UTC -4.5
Iran: UTC +3.5
Afghanistan: UTC +4.5
India and her minor outlying islands: UTC +5.5
Nepal: UTC+5.75
Cocos (Keeling) Islands & Burma: UTC +6.5
Northern Territory (Australia) & South Australia (Australia): UTC +9.5
Lord Howe Island (Australia): UTC +10.5
Norfolk Island (Australia): UTC +11.5
Chatham Islands (New Zealand): UTC +12.75


Release Notes:

v3.02 -> v3.10
- feature improved, first city can be deselected now
- alert added, at least one city should be selected and displayed
- fix display margins issue on control interface under MacOS 10.10 and above
- hide dock icon option updated
- auto open at login check box was removed
- tip added for auto open at login (auto start)
- fully compatible with dark menu mode especially while using small fonts on displaying
- more by dragonBTV updated


Most Helpful Reviews

Version V1.29
Review by Stafford Vaughan

Delivers a solution that the others don't - I tried the Time Zone Icon app before this one, and I found Time Zone Icon had the time totally wrong for Sydney. Very happy to see that ZoneClock got the time correct! Now I have a functional app.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version V1.29
Review by Kevin Iudicello

A little ridiculous - This app (last version) doesn't hide itself - it stays launched in your app bar on the bottom of the screen and you have to manually hide it to get the setup screen off your desktop while it's running. The clocks are not formatted well - you have to manually space the time and add interim characters. The company's orange logo sits next to them. The final straw is the clocks don't even set themselves - so if you want a new city, look up the time and manually input the offset. This is completely ridiculous. Skip this..there are better apps at this

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people