Zen Desktop Cleaner

Developer: Martin Nash

Current Version: 3.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 932.5 KB - Download


-Clears your desktop-
Remove all the files from your desktop at the click of a button. Bring them all back with another.

-Clears your mind-
Focus on just the work you are doing without visual clutter in the background. You can get your work done in with minimal stress and distractions.

Simple. Remove all apps with a simple key combination. Runs it from the status bar, out of the way. Clear you desktop and clear your mind. Focus on your work, not a mess. Bring it back when you need it.

Set it up once, and don't worry about it anymore. clear your desktop from anywhere without disrupting your work.


Release Notes:

Fixed bug causing crash in Snow Leopard.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Bakari C

Very helpful - I also like this app because I can hide existing files on my desktop, and then add new ones (like screen shots) while the other others I don't want see are hidden temporarily. This is very helpful in my article writing workflow.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.4
Review by MDIWade

Use with care - While it does clean your desktop with one click and brings items back with another, user beware. They come back reorganized NOT in their original positions. I have a workflow and know where certain foldres are on my desktop. Now I have to move them back to their place.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.0
Review by Amer.Dababneh

HELP!!!!!!! - I just upgraded it to version 3.0 and when I did, I discovered that the app is now using a different location than the one used in the old version (where it moves the files to). So now, I cannot access my old files because I don’t know the location of the old folder!!! I NEED MY FILES!!!! Why did you guys do that without warning or at least an auto-move? I have work and I need my files back! Please fix this or at least tell me the location so that I can access my old files. (and no, I cannot search for them because the old folder is not in a searchable accessed location)! I have deadlines and I need an answer NOW! why why why?!!!!! P.S. The app is great, but this miscalculated update ruined it!

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 3.0
Review by JBlongz

Find OLD Files..READ - Many of you lost your files upgrading to 3.0 BUT there is a way to find them. With a Finder window in the foreground, lick ‘Go’ from the menu bar. Press and hold the 'alt/option’ key so that ‘Library” appears in the drop-down menu. Click that then navigate to /Application Support/Zen Desktiop Cleaner/ZenDesktop. Your files should be located there…move them. Happy Zen cleaning -JBlongz

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Version 3.0
Review by e-socy

Where is the developer? And here are your files - Martin Nash’s site and support links go nowhere. How can I give a rating when it works well but finding the files is nearly impossible? The last person to post the path to yours and my files must be on a different version or it is a Yosemite thing. Here is where I found my files using “get info” to find the path. This is it for my install: Macintosh HD ▸ Users ▸ estrayer ▸ Library ▸ Containers ▸ com.riveroften.Zen-Desktop-Cleaner ▸ Data ▸ Library ▸ Application Support ▸ Zen Desktop Cleaner If someone knows how to get support and perhaps how to move the folder somewhere easier to access, let me know. es

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Version 3.0
Review by e-socy

Good but no support - but help with file finding - I have had this app for a long time. But no upgrades or anything on their site for years. So be careful! File location is: DATA FILE: users/ericstrayer/library/containers/com.riverofterZen-Desktop-Cleaner/Data/Library/Application Support/Zen Desktop Cleaner I make an alias for this file as it is pretty hard to find by guessing. Put the alias where it is really easy to find. Owners website is junk and is same location as support, so assume it is gone forever. I would love for someone to make a new version as I get pretty sloppy dumping stuff on my desktop. Anyway, as of today (Sep 2017) it works as I have outlined. Oh, the create hotkey feature disappeared. So another reason to make absolutely certain you know where those files are located. es

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