Z The Game

Developer: Kavcom Limited

Current Version: 1.307

Last Updated: 12 months ago

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“Z”, the classic Real Time Strategy Game by the Bitmap Brothers remade for the Mac OS. Fans of this classic strategy title are in for a real treat. Everything is in here from the terrific comedy cut scenes to the frantic game play making this is the definitive version of Z.

•Z is a real time war game played in a totally free environment.
•A breathtaking race to capture territory and resources. Crush your enemy before they overpower you.
•Over thirty minutes of humorous movie sequences provide intros and outros for each level.
•Movie and in game voiceovers are spoken in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.
•Z has a conditional Music system, which reflects in real time the mood of the battle.
•Z has six types of Robot soldiers each with their own individual personalities. Will they carry out your orders and march into the jaws of hell? Or will they chicken and run?
•Robots perform up to 40 different actions, armed with rifles, machine guns and antitank missile launchers.
•Twenty challenging levels set on five planets each with a unique terrain ranging from Arctic waste to lands of fire and lava.
•In game world map and radar which can be displayed at any time.
•Lots of hardware for you and your soldiers to control, ranging from three types of tanks, jeeps, repair vehicles and armoured personal carriers to field guns and missile launchers.
•Robot leaders provide you with spoken alerts throughout the game.
•Capture and control installations including factories manufacturing robots and vehicles, radar and vehicle repair facilities.
•You choose what kind of robot or vehicle your factories manufacture.
•Z comes with pictorial player guide.

Z is... the fastest, funniest, most frantic, feature-packed action-strategy game you'll play this century!


Release Notes:

* Z is now Retina Display compatible.
* Fixed save game bug


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.304
Review by Haast1224

Won - This is a great game. However no matter what I do the game will not save. Needs a patch.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.306
Review by Ilich Ramires Sanches

If you have two monitors and no mouse you will have a big problem - Bought because of foolish nostalgia and is now very much regret the money spent in vain. A. The game runs in full screen in a separate desktop, that is playing in the background will not work on one monitor screen is black, the other game on the screen. B. I do not have a mouse, I have only magic trackpad. So with the magic trackpad to play this game is impossible.

Found helpful by 2 out of 5 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.307
Review by LisVender

Best RTS ever! - I’ve loved Z since day one. It gives no time to rest, plan, or even think; if you don’t move fast, the AI will run circles around you. The moment the game begins, you gotta move your bots, grab those flags, and set up your factories. The map is always fully revealed, so you can see what your opponent is doing and respond accordingly. The game is really about the push and pull of combat: you need to keep your territory defended and press forward as soon as the time looks right. There’s a bit of rock-paper-scissors happening with the units, and figuring that out is essential, though luck occasionally plays a part in it. The game can be maddening when the computer gets the best of you, but if you play fast and aggressive, it’s a joy. This port is excellent, with all the cinematics, voices, and levels of the original. The high resolution allows a broad view of the map, which is basically required to win. It even sports a cleaner interface than the original game. The main problem is that the game is designed for touch input and nothing else. The original game was mouse-driven, but it was very simple, requiring left clicks only. Still, this game messes it up. Edge scrolling is missing, so you have to click and drag on the ground to scroll around (sort of like The Sims 4). Because of this, I have no idea how to select multiple units. Making a big push up the map one unit at a time is a real pain. Removing the drag-to-scroll and allowing group selection would make a huge difference.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people