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This app contains three different yoga applications from Hemalayaa.

Are you ready to relax after a long day? This 25 minute "Yoga Bath" will sooth the stress and tension from tired muscles, leaving your mind and body relaxed for a deep and restful night of sleep.

Follow along as Hemalayaa, one of the West Coast's premier yoga practitioners, takes you on a journey of relaxation. Delivered at a calm and easy-to-follow pace, this yoga flow takes you through several stretches that are designed to heighten feelings of peace and tranquility while removing your mind from the daily hustle and bustle of an active life.

"Yoga Poses by Hemalayaa" is a quick-reference video-guide that demonstrates essential yoga poses for beginner to intermediate yoga practitioners.

Use this App to refresh and inspire your yoga flows. Using the detailed menus, you can quickly find and review 12 different yoga poses. Use the "Random Pose" feature to choose a pose and then follow the on-screen video as you work through the pose yourself!

This video contains the following poses:

01. Boat
02. Cobra
03. Down Dog
04. Eagle
05. Reverse Prayer
06. Reverse Pose
07. Shoulder Stance
08. Spinal Lift
09. Spinal Twist
10. Tree
11. Triangle
12. Warrior

"Breathing Techniques" by Hemalayaa includes 10 minutes of tutorial-videos that show you deep and relaxing breathing techniques you can use every day to calm your mind.

Chapter List:

1. Introduction
2. 3 Part Breath
3. Ujjai
5. Energized Breathing