XstereO Player

Developer: Yury Golubinsky

Current Version: 4

Last Updated: 1 year ago

Download Size: 3.1 MB - Download


Enables viewing of 3D-images in various formats.

You can view 3D-images also directly from the web pages (and play slideshow) and by dragging them from other applications.

Supports MPO files, Side by Side, Top/Bottom and interleaved stereo pairs in JPG, JPS, PNG, TIFF, animated GIF files and anaglyphs as source format. Left and Right sides can be in two different files. Classic stereo cards scans are also supported.

You can view stereo pairs in MPO containers produced by Fujifilm Real 3D W3, Nintendo 3DS, HTC smartphones with stereo cameras, Sony cameras with 3D functions and other.

3D viewing is available in several modes including:
• Stereogram for Cross and Parallel viewing methods
• Stereogram for Top/Bottom viewing method with special glasses
• different kinds of Anaglyph mode for Red/Cyan and Green/Magenta glasses
• Left or Right eye only
• Vertical and Horizontal Interlaced modes for 3D monitors with polarized glasses
• 3D TV mode (half Side-by-Side and Over/Under) including 4K screen support
• Convenient special mode for viewing Classic stereo cards
• Special mode for triple Left-Right-Left images that could be found on the web
• Simple Stereo card emulation viewing mode
• Left-Right animation view mode (see Preferences for some options)
• zoom up to 100% and pan through the whole image in all modes
• view 3D-image sequences directly from the web pages

Slideshow mode with various effects and adjustable time interval.

Use Right and Left arrow keyboard keys or onscreen Navigation buttons to view all images in the current folder.

Touch bar support.

Export 3D views in to JPG, PNG TIFF of GIF files in any supported mode preserving all metadata and alpha channels. Export options stores separately from the current viewing mode options, so you can view images in one comfortable mode and export with another.
Batch mode allows you to convert multiple files with the same options (from web page or from disk folder).
Export feature including batch mode available for all for free with Demo watermark. Export feature without Demo watermark available through In-App purchase.

Please note: Playing 3D video files is not supported!


Release Notes:

• Touch bar support
• Left-Right animation view mode added (see Preferences for some options)
• New export options: animated GIF and animated PNG! Please note that you can view animated PNGs only in web browsers
• Improved compatibility with macOS Sierra (10.12)
• Dragging images from Photos, Mail and some other apps now works correctly
• Now you can drag and drop folder on to the app's icon or in to the app's window to open files from inside it (long awaited feature, I know)
• Improved opening of webpages
• Improved title visibility for interleaved mode
• Fixed: in some cases app may not save some options
• Improved overall stability


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.4
Review by 3D Professor

GH2 support added! - Finally a program that will let me easily view Panasonic GH2 MPO files. Five stars for that. Hoping for side-by-side support in the future, but because this is free, I mostly want to say thanks.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 2.6
Review by rkd1121

Fail - "Quit Unexpectedly" error - Tried installing twice but got a "quit unexpectedly" error both times before it even opened. I'm using OS 10.6.8 so it should work.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4
Review by Bali Hai

While one of the few applications that does what it does it is fundamentally flawed. - I was hoping for more from this app - especially after paying the additional amount to unlock the one useful function, the ability to export a converted file. With an .mpo file from Lumix, and possibly other formats, it appears impossible to do batch processing of multiple files since the app is set up to take one image from one file and another image from another file rather than using both images which are contained in the .mpo data file. If there was an another app that worked I most certainly would have purchased it however I expected this app to perfrom better. If you are thinking of processing multiple files into Left/Right images for view this is NOT the app for you. Having to process one file at a time works but is tedious and shows a basic lack in the layout of this app. I DO NOT recommend you purchase this unless you are well aware of its limitations as it would have been a simple code to enable this most basic function and the price you pay to be able to export the files is exhorbitant and simply not worth it. Very disappointed.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 4
Review by tripletopper

Does what it says, not useful yet - It does accurately take a snapshot done in 3D and covert it into red and cyan or side by side half. I assume you can save the photo as a different format for editing if you pay the premium. (don’t know, haven’t tried, don’t care as of yet.) There are 2 things I need for it to make it worth a purchase of $25. 1) Do 3D video. Not just stills, but motion video. 2) Be able to understand the 3D format I need, a Nintendo 3DS AVI Motion Jpeg video footage. If I can take my 3DS video, convert it to side-by-side half, edit it in iMovie, convert it into 3 different versions, side-by-side half, red and cyan, and just one eye for a 2D presentation, without having to edit it 3 times I would buy it and it’d be real popular. I don’t have enough bandwidth for web solutions without waiting a day for the conversion.. The 3DS is the worlds most popular 3D video camera and the ONLY 3D video camera sold at Best Buy now. If I get this I can save $275 over Final Cut Pro 10.3 I don’t need FCPX's extra features, so a light 3d suite would be perfect. Add titles in stereoscopic 3D and I’ll pay $30. Add stereoscopic transitions, I’ll pay $40. I just don’t need it for stills. If motion jpeg is just an uncompressed sequence of compressed Jpegs, you should convert it frame for frame without worrying about between-frame compression. PLEASE RELEASE A MOVING PICTURE VIDEO ADD ON for this product.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people