Developer: Swinfjord-Games

Current Version: 20.03

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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XLARN is a retro game based on an idea of Noah Morgan from the year 1986.

The game consists of a little village holding alongside the house of the
player, a bank, a supermarket, a second hand shop, a school and a tax office.
At the supermarket the player can buy ahead all the required equipment
necessary to explore the widely ramified cave systems.

The intention of the game is to find an elixir for the fatally ill
daughter of the player which can only be found in the deepest levels of
the `temples of the demons`.

To prepare oneself to the perils of the `temples of the demons` it is
essential to explore the `safe` cave system to gain the indispensable
knowledge and skills and the necessary physical and mental power.


- 99 levels off difficulty
- up to 20 caves per game
- 228 preconstructed plus countless randomized caves
- size of caves grows with difficulty


Language: English, German


Release Notes:

The layout of the game has been reworked for greater clearness.
There are now separate windows for action buttons, status icons and messages.
Player requests are now handled via pop up windows.

Some problems with graphic cards have been fixed.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! XLarn will not run on Macs with Intel GMA 950 graphics (production years before mid 2007).

If you have any problems please contact us at [email protected]

Due to a mistake, the screenshots were'nt updatet to the new version.
Please visit our website for up to date screenshots and further information.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 20.01
Review by Mr. Mc Fluffnsocks

Don't do it!!!! - I wasted $5.00 on this what could be a great game if someone took the time to fix the bugs that prevents the screen at the bottom from freezing up. Don't waste your time and money on this. I want my money back from an app that should't even be being sold if it is unplayable. BS!!!!

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 20.03
Review by Lumen Armiger

Entertaining port of an old roguelike - This port is very similar to the more recent Windows version of the game. If you like NetHack, this may suit you. Note that this port includes all of the weirdness of the game it’s based on, including: *If you want to open a door, you may not succeed (as the doors can be stuck shut). But, there’s nothing stopping you from retrying over and over until you get it, which makes it kind of pointless to even have it shut in the first place. *If you find a new suit of armor, you have to manually remove your existing armor. Not a big deal, but why even have this procedure? *You may be doing well on the 5th level of the caverns, then fall into a pit, and get killed by some monstrosity in one hit. *Saved games are erased as soon as you load the saved game - The point of the saved game is so you can stop playing and come back to it. Once you are commited to an action, there’s no turning back. But, these kind of quirks are common to roguelikes.

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