XLarn LT

Developer: Swinfjord-Games

Current Version: 20.03

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 4.7 MB - Download


XLarn LT is a fully functional version of XLarn without
any timelimit.

Following limitations appear to the LT-Version:

1. only 1 player (max. 10 fullversion)
2. only 1 level of difficulty (max. 99 fullversion)
3. only 10 caverns (max.20 fullversion)
4. only 1 cavernsize (dynamically growing in fullversion)
5. no Fullscreen-Mode on screens larger than 13"

Languages: English,German

For more information about the game see the paid-version.


Release Notes:

The layout of the game has been reworked for greater clearness.
There are now separate windows for action buttons, status icons and messages.
Player requests are now handled via pop up windows.

Some problems with graphic cards have been fixed.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! XLarn will not run on Macs with Intel GMA 950 graphics (production years before mid 2007).

If you have any problems please contact us at [email protected]

Due to a mistake, the screenshots were'nt updatet to the new version.
Please visit our website for up to date screenshots and further information.


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 20.03
Review by Musicbing

nostalgia - Brings back old memories. I love this tribute to an old favorite. Needs some work though. My main gripe is that there’s no differentiation between spaces that have been explored and unexplored spaces. You can only go by walls that have been discovered. In the original version there was a dot on spaces that had been visited.

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Version 20.03
Review by Kodel-x

Kodel - Absoluely un playable. Once installed and a character is created, there is no way to start the game. "Ok" is greyed out and no matter if I give it the password I set up of not, my only option is to abort!

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