Developer: XCool Apps

Current Version: 1.02

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Express yourself in fun, new creative ways using XEmoji for your Mac! Once installed, XEmoji runs in your system menu, providing quick and easy access to all 467 emoji icons, 843 if you are running OS X Mountain Lion!

Click on any emoji icons to have it copied to the clipboard. If you are working in an app, XEmoji pastes the copied emoji icon automatically. You can even choose to drag and drop any icons onto your favorite app. It just works!

Create awesome text messages, emails, notes or calendar entries. You can even use it to spice up your contacts' names or to label folders and files on your Mac. Emoji icons are compatible with every app that you have in your computer. Text with emoji can also be used in popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, etc.

Ever used the wrong emoticon in a text message? Find out what each emoji icon means before you use them! Simply hover your mouse on any emoji icon to find its true meaning and avoid emoji faux pas!

Are you an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad user? Well, come on in, install this app and join in the fun! XEmoji makes it easier for you to trade emoji text with your iOS buddies, using the exact same familiar layout from the emoji keyboard that you'll find in all iOS devices. Each and every emoji icon are properly placed in their rightful place, just like what you'd expect to find.

XEmoji is compatible with all Mac computers running OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.


Release Notes:

Support for more Emoji icons in OS X Mountain Lion (843 total)
Retina display support


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.01
Review by JAMisME

Emoji's are for iOS & Mac OS only!!! 😉 Works just as I would expect. - To clarify, Emoji characters are only viewable on iOS devices and Macs. For example, XEmoji is great if your friend is chatting from Skype on iPhone to you on your Mac and you notice they send you an emoji character, with XEmoji you can now easily send emoji characters back to them from your Mac. The descriptions and unicode & UTF codes set XEmoji apart from some of the other Mac emoji apps, which is why I chose it. Plus only 99¢. I would NOT suggest using emoji characters to post on Facebook, etc. as only your friends with Macs and iOS would see the symbols. If you want emoji images or got emoji in a message on your non-Apple device and want to see what it looks like, check out iEmoji.com. As for posting emoticons ッ and cool ♈ᙓჯ♈ ♈ᖇᓮᑕḰᔕ on Facebook, check FSymbols.com. They have some impressive web apps. I'm not affiliated with any of these sites but they are very useful (so hopefully won't be deleted here). So, to sum up… XEmoji, not for Facebook, great for chat w/your friends on iPhone. FSymbols website great for Facebook. iEmoji website great if you want images or have a non-iOS smart phone. Enjoy! 👍 -jam

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Version 1.02
Review by Mishi5

Doesn - A primary usage, is surely facebook. So should not be sold without that warning.

Found helpful by 4 out of 8 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.02
Review by Jimmy Brancaccio

New Version Not Good - New version doesn't insert the emoji into the running application when you click on it from the XEmoji application, it will only copy it to the clipboard. When pasted in, it insert it at the large size 18 font. Awesome that the new emoji's are included, but not being able to click on the icon and have it automatically insert is bad.

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Version 1.02
Review by ne1for23

Fix the bugs please! - I tried this on OS X 10.8.0 and 10.8.1. The out of box experience is buggy. It always seems to have problems launching the tray on first click after launch. On my very first launch ever, the tray eventually popped out about 5 pixels and would toggle this "empty line" tray. I quit the application from Activity Monitor and launched again and got it to work correctly. The next defect is that I wanted it to run on startup. Using the settings to change this option doesn't work. I rebooted to find it was gone. Further testing shows that if you set it, quit the application (properly within its menus), launch it again, it doesn't have the run on startup checked and it doesn't run on startup. I know I could add it to my login items, but at this rate it looks like its a waste of my money. I like the option of copying several different emoji at a time or it pasting into in real time to my last focused application. This only forces one at a time into your clipboard. And for those that don't understand emoji--think of them as single characters in a foreign language keyboard. This app does make the emoji show up larger, however, its still a "single key stroke" to the other side. So if the destination can receive that foreign language key, it will still look to the receiving device like it does if you had sent the emoji from iOS. You can't change the font size of emoji that remove devices see (a single keyboard key is a single keyboard key--its treated "like" a font in OS X so thats why it can appear larger). You can even uses Mountain Lion iMessages to send these larger emoji to yourself and you'll receive your own emoji at the same size one looks if it was sent from an iOS device. Its actually a bonus that the emoji are larger in this application because they are hard to distinguish when pasted at the proper default size in OS X.

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