XC Scoring

Developer: PVI Maine LLC

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 1 MB - Download


XC Scoring allows coaches or spectators to dynamically score a Cross Country meet in real time at any point in a race. As the runners go by, XC Scoring scores up to 100 teams simultaneously, taking into account the complexities of displacement and incomplete teams.

The users of XC Scoring simply selects the teams in a particular meet (from a user controlled database) and then at any point in a race (i.e. mile mark, halfway mark or finish) simply clicks on the various teams as the athletes go by. After each touch (or click), the entire meet is restored. Thus a coach can see how a trailing #5 runner is affecting his team or how a #7 can actually win the meet.

Supports non-standard scoring systems. In addition to the conventional 5 runner system, the user can score meets with any number of runners from 3 to 12.

Also support variable numbers of displaced or non-scoring runners.

Gone are the days of counting on finger, making incorrect assumptions and math errors. In addition, XC Scoring can be used to score several intermediate points on a course (i.e. mile mark, halfway mark or finish) and then e-mail the results to one's personal computer or other interested parties.

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