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Current Version: 3.4.7

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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Wunderlist is a simple to­do list and task manager app that helps you get stuff done. Whether you’re sharing a grocery list with a loved one, working on a project, or planning a vacation, Wunderlist makes it easy to capture, share, and complete your to­dos. Wunderlist instantly syncs between your phone, tablet and computer, so you can access all your tasks from anywhere.

“The best to­do list app.” ­ The Verge

Wunderlist has also been featured in The New York Times, Lifehacker, Forbes, The Guardian, Wired, and Vanity Fair, just to name a few.
Key Wunderlist Features:
• Add, organize, schedule and share your to­dos from your phone, tablet or computer
• Set Due Dates and Reminders to ensure you never forget important deadlines (or birthday gifts) again
• Use Subtasks, Notes, Files and Comments to add important details to your to­dos
• Create lists to help sort your to­dos for home, work and everything in between
• Share lists and collaborate on your to­dos with family, friends and colleagues
• Be productive from anywhere, thanks to Wunderlist’s apps for your phone, smart watch, tablet and computer
• Quickly create and search to­dos with the Quick Add shortcut, just just press CTRL+Option(Alt)+W
• Save web pages and articles for later with the Add to Wunderlist sharing extension
• View today’s to­dos in your Notification Center with Wunderlist’s Today extension

Wunderlist is free to download and use. Wunderlist Pro upgrades your experience and gives you unlimited access to Files, Assigning and Subtasks to help you accomplish even more for $4.99 a month through an in­app purchase.

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Learn more about Wunderlist at w ww.wunderlist.com


Release Notes:

Have you tried our Global Quick Add? Hit Ctrl+Option(Alt)+W and you'll find a quick and easy way to add and search for to-dos. In this update, we've fixed a crash on our Global Quick Add that meant that some to-dos weren't saving. It should all be working just as it should now.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.1.0
Review by Kelly4me

So close to perfect. - I have been using Pocket Informant for several years and I decided to try out a dedicated list program instead since I really wanted to be able to print my lists out. I am very, very pleased with Wunderlist. I love that I can use it on my phone, my PC or my Mac and it all syncs nicely. I can easily share a list with someone else. The lists can be printed and formatted nicely. I can put notes, sublists, attach files or links to my tasks. Two features that it doesn’t have that I’d like to see is a “repeat from completion” date. I’d like to be able to have a task repeat at a specific time from when I actually complete it, rather than a regular date (like weekly). The other is that I’d like to have a default sort for my list. When you enter a new task, it either goes to the top or the bottom of the list, but doesn’t organize itself by due date unless you resort the list again. Overall, I really like this app. It’s very functional and looks great, too.

Found helpful by 14 out of 14 people
Version 3.0.2
Review by Kyle Johnson

Quit Bugging Me to Rate Your App - You wanted a review? Here's your one star. Now quit bugging me to rate your app. Hope you're happy. Having said that, I would probably rate this about a three star app. It is missing some really important features that make it hard for me to be productive using it. There is no quick entry of due dates, so I have to click the calendar, then click to get to the right day, then click to get done. And with no way to quickly postponse a task, I get to repeat the same thing again if I need to change a due date. The lists are kind of dumb, as they don’t remember your sort order. So if you sort by due date and then add a task, that task goes to the bottom (or top depending on your settings) of the list. So another click to resort the list every time I add a task. I’d like to be able to create my own smart lists too. The one thing I do like is sub tasks. Too bad you can’t add due dates to sub tasks though. And the icon indicating you have subtasks is the same icon you get if you have a note. So basically the icon just says there is something more to the task, but it won’t tell you what. I’m going to try and get used to using it for the next month, but I may end up going back to RememberTheMilk. The apps aren’t as pretty, but they are screaming fast to use.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.4.7
Review by Blaze

Great bit of software - I’ve tried a bunch of task list-type software packages recently and Wunderlist is my favorite. It is simple to set up and manage, you can share with others and it just works. The only thing I don’t like is the $4.99 / month chage for the pro version. Why can’t these developers just hit you for $50 for a multi platform license. If they want to gouge you again, they can offer an upgrade every few years. Annuities are great to own, but no one really wants to pay for them. ***** After about 4 months of use, this program is indispensable. I am still using the free version and it helps to run my company. It. Just. Works.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 3.4.7
Review by Mary.on.the.GO

It Erased WEEKS worth of My Work - I had been using Wunderlist for several weeks and loved it! It really kept me on track with daily tasks and other projects. I loved it so much that I tried to sync my desktop version with my mobile version - but for whatever reason - it would not sync! I logged off both my desktop and mobile apps - thinking this would help but when I logged back on - everything was gone!!! This just happened thing morning - I was horrified! I assist a dean to a pretty significant university in California and all my tasks of keeping him on track is gone! I tried emailing Wunderlist support but have not heard back from anyone. Please help :(

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 3.4.7
Review by _koshi

Perfect Application for Task Management and for life in General - What can I say? Lists, Tasks, but wait, subtasks, file attachments, notes, shared lists, reminders w/ the option of recurrence, commenting on tasks, folders for organization, and multiple list management. This application is beyond perfect. I even use it to organize trips (manage reminders for payment on group trips, reminders on when should stuff be done, etc). I use it to recurrently remind me of general maintenance on my stuff (like the car, and other things). I use it to remind me to check on my bills and I set the due dates on the reminders. I do EVERYTHING here and I thought this app deserved a [good] review from me which is something I don’t do often. Hope that what I heard of this application going down in place of a Microsoft To-do app is not true or at least I hope they copy all of this from it ‘cause otherwise it will be a great loss for me and, from what I hear, for a lot of people.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Version 3.4.7
Review by pcg

As a former Things user... - When the latest version of Things came out, I test drove it for a week. I’d used Things for at least several years. But the latest version required paying again—no credit for having paid dearly once already. Thanks, Things. So I tried Wunderlist, trying to find a decent alternative. I love it! It’s everything Things should be and isn’t. Simple, elegant and fast. Five stars and highly recommended.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 3.4.7
Review by Jenny907

Missing one key, BASIC FEATURE - I have been using Wunderlist for a few weeks now, and I love it. It’s great. I love that subtasks are included in the free version, most have it as a paid upgrade. The reason I knocked off 3 whole stars is because it lacks a basic feature that most other task keeping apps include: The ability to set reminders as “weekday only”. I don’t really like getting my weekday (work) recurring task reminders on weekends. Sure I could create 5 separate tasks, each repeating weekly on Monday. Then Tuesday. Then Wednesday… but this is such a basic feature that most other apps include already. The abililty to create subtasks is more important to me, and for that, I will keep it until I find something better. When I first Googled this issue, I came across a support thread that was over 2 years old saying that they are going to be adding it as a feature in a future update. If you go to their user suggestion page, it’s one of the most requested features, with the most upvotes. Yet over 2 years later it is still not addressed. Another issue I have found, since I use the app for timeblocking and keeping me on track during the day… if I have a reminder set for 1pm and I mark the task as done at 10am, it will still remind me at 1pm. There’s a lot of “oh, I thought I already did that?” and when I go to check it off, it’s already marked as complete. It was just the reminder in my notifications. (Which as someone who likes doing certain things at certain times, I’m also particular with keeping my notifications, badges, and unread emails/texts to a minimum) **Edited to add another glitch I found. Since I’m creating 5 of the exact same tasks (one for each day of the week) and just copying/pasting and changing due date… it automatically defaults the reminder to 9AM, even if I have the “Afternoon message check-in” set for 4:30pm on the one being copied. It doesn’t catch the reminder time.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people