Wormhole - Mouse Warping

Developer: National Spork LLC

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Move the mouse pointer over one of the wormholes and it teleports to the other one. Reposition a wormhole by holding down Command and dragging it to a new position. Very useful for large monitors and dual monitor setups.


Release Notes:

Sandboxing is now enabled.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3
Review by failzone0103

Fun - It is really cool. I recommend it.

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Version 1.3
Review by n.dialectic

Wish it could do more - Wormhole is a handy app for dual display setups. Although I can't say it was ever a major hassle to move my mouse from one screen to another, Wormhole makes this ever so slightly easier. My hope for this app was that I could use it as an easy way to overcome some of the limitations of Mission Control. Moving from, say, desktop 1 to desktop 5 and then to full screen app 2 is not in any way a fluid process. Unfortunately, however, you can't move wormholes to different desktops and you can't create a wormhole network, so my hope was dashed. I will stick to gestures, I suppose!

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Version 1.3
Review by Mister Houdini

Time will tell... - Was thinking it wouldn’t work for my two monitor with many desktops setup, and almost gave a bad review, but then realized I needed to assign to all desktops in the options of dock icon. Make take some time to adapt to using it. We’ll see it it’s still used in a few weeks.

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Version 1.3
Review by metadojo

Multiple pair support would be neat for 3+ displays… cursor finder support would rock. - It would be great if Wormhole could support multiple pairs... for example three displays could support two pair of wormholes... so the main display could hop to either secondary display. Also if you built cursor functionality with low CPU utilization (similard to PinPOint) then I think you'd have a profitable paid product on hand with a nice upgrade path from the free version. (PS: I tried posting this to your website but it said "Security check fail"… with no captcha visible.

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