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Do you frequently need to keep up with people in other timezones, or coordinate meetings across timezones? If so, this app is for you. sdTime is designed to allow you to see what time it is in various time zones using names that are meaningful to y

Time Zones allows users to scan preset cities around the world, for their current times. Just click the icon on the Status Bar and all your saved cities and their current times will be displayed. Time Zones allows you to chose between two clock style

Convert to PDF software is the best PDF Creator to create PDF from your text and image files. It can convert Word to PDF (DOCX to PDF), MOBI to PDF, text to PDF, jpeg to PDF, jpg to PDF, and other image files such as PNG, GIF, TIF, BMP, ICO, PCX, CU

A simple time zone converter that helps you find out what's the time on the other side of the world. #features - convert between cities or time zones - convert from any date and time, future or past - show time difference between the two selected ti

Do you have friends or family living abroad? Are you a developer with clients all over the world? Ever miss a meeting because you didn't calculate Melbourne Daylight Time correctly? If you are tired of doing time zone math, you should check out

Float worldwide clock such as widget type. Is your close friend or family member living far away? Do you frequently contact coworkers in different time zone? Then place this clock on your desktop always. Keep track their time. The features of Bambo

▸ Shows your Public IP address ▸ Support for Thunderbolt, Firewire and retina icons!!! ▸ Works with MacBook​ Air ▸ Shows Network Speed and Data Usage for each adapter See the status of your LAN/Ethernet connection right

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Search IP is the application that allows you to know your Public and Private IP, and check your connection to the Internet. In addition you can discover the IP address of any Web Site or Server and know if they are online or not by checking their rea


*****The iPad version is available. It's called: "Clock Tacular" Search for "LCARS Clock Tacular" in iTunes.***** The TimePlus app has a Digital Clock, 2 Alarm Clocks, 2 Countdown Timers, 4 World Clocks, and a Stopwatch. It displays the current tim

Lexicon Romanum is the first native, bidirectional Latin dictionary for Mac OS X that allows you to search both English and Latin phrases. Features: • View syntactical information for conjugated verbs and declined adjectives or nouns. &bu

If you’ve used the copy/paste functions in Mac OS before, you’ll appreciate how valuable Get Plain Text is! We use it ourselves every day. This app will lower your stress level and save you tons of time! ---Ready for Yosemite!--- Get Pla

Hour, your popular and convenient free World Clock since 2012. THE BASICS • Quick Access from the menu bar. • Add or Delete any city, as many as you want. • Simply rearrange your cities by drag and drop. • Hour Lite display the

SMART WALL application allows you to display various types of information on your desktop. Adding information is as simple as a click of a button. Information displayed is updated on a regular basis to keep you updated with everything. Information

- CREATE RANDOM PASSWORDS RIGHT FROM STATUS MENU - * 50% off (US$1.99 to 0.99 or equivalent in all price regions) till Apr. 1, 2014 * * Description * Many things we do online involves an account, which in turn requires a password. Some people stil

The Address Book of your Macintosh computer is a great tool to manage all of your bussiness or private contacts. Unfortunately, from time to time, similar data gets saved in multiple card entries. As an enhancement to Address Book, which allows to

ClipDateTime is a menu bar app which copies the current date and/or time, or a date and/or time chosen from a calendar-clock control, onto the clipboard when a menu selection is made. Visit our website for more information and a demo. The menu item

NOTE: THE APP REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION. EVERYONE GETS A FREE 1-MONTH TRIAL. YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME. "World Clock is a fantastic native app that not only makes it easy to add all the time zones you care about and shows them on a map to better help

Active Clock is a well organized and functional time piece that will keep you on top of your daily routines. The unique designs are very appealing and the complex interface is well tucked away behind an easy user experience. Lots of choices and set

Suppose you have a friend on holiday in some remote part of the globe and you want to know the right time to call him up: fine! Let BigBen show you at a glance the current date and time of twelve cities of your choice all over the world. The total n

PiZZa is a simple and unobtrusive tool for time sensitive tasks like your pizza, the next train or presentation stuff. Start a timer or a stopwatch right from your menu bar or via keyboard shortcuts. Use the analog clock to set the end time or use t