World Mosaics

Developer: Fugazo, Inc.

Current Version: 1.21

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 73.7 MB - Download


Your associate, Dr. Remington, has unearthed a relic of the mysterious and elusive Pelasgians, or “Sea People.” In order to unravel the mysteries of a civilization that disappeared over a thousand years ago, you must solve the pictographic puzzles they left behind to safeguard their history.

Your quest begins in Greece, in the very shadow of the Majestic Parthenon, but it just may take you around the world before you are through!

• 99 Unique Puzzles in Story Mode
•7 Exotic Locations
•Over 100 puzzles in Extra Puzzles Mode
•Over 10 Hours of Addictive Gameplay!


Release Notes:

Fixed bug where music sometimes played to the wrong speakers.


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.21
Review by Frungi

Good Picross game - This is a pretty good Picross-like game. If you’ve ever played a Picross game, you know what to expect from the gameplay. The puzzles are tied together with a story about the mysterious ancient “Sea People” and their influence on culture and religion worldwide, and the story puzzles focus on religious and mythological symbols. Each set of puzzles has looping background music; depending on how quickly you solve them, the music may get on your nerves, but it has a volume setting separate from the sound effects. The puzzles start off easy and get more difficult as the game goes on. Filling in enough squares on a puzzle grants a hint you can use on that puzzle if you get stuck, filling in a couple squares for you. Completing a puzzle grantts you a colored version of it and a block of story text. Some puzzles may be unrecognizable until you see the colored version. While the (non-skippable) tutorial says you’ll never have to resort to guessing which squares to fill in, I got completely stuck and had to guess on a few later puzzles; whether they’re broken or I missed something, I couldn’t say. Bugs—the reason I’m only giving this game a 3/5 rating: If you use an Apple mouse that doesn’t have discrete left and right buttons, there is no way to cancel an accidental tile click, as that’s done by pressing both mouse buttons simultaneously. I’ve unlocked nine sets of Extra Puzzles, but on mousing over the button for Set 9, the game immediately crashes.

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