WoW Keyboard Helper

Developer: Sergii Pravdzivyi

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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WoW Keyboard Helper (WKH) is an app that helps you to avoid the WoW Client v4.3.0 (Mac) bug with keyboard layouts.

IMPORTANT: WoW Keyboard Helper does not change WoW Client's files or memory. It changes nothing in WoW Client.

IMPORTANT: WoW Keyboard Helper needs "Enable access for assistive devices" option to be enabled. To enable it, go to the System Settings -> Universal Access and check the corresponding checkbox on the bottom of the window.

As you know, WoW Client v4.3.0 (Mac) has a bug that discomforts normal gaming. If you switch your keyboard layout to anything but U.S. layout (in-game chatting in Russian, for example) then you can't control your character, because outside of text fields the keys you press are interpreted wrong.

WoW Keyboard Helper is a keyboard layout switcher that will affect only WoW Client's text fields (chat, search, auction etc).

So, you set your system keyboard layout to U.S. (thus you'll be able to control your character). And when typing in WoW Client text fields, you use WKH to switch between keyboard layouts.

Any layout listed in your system's keyboard layout switcher menu are supported.

Detail information can be found on the app's site:


Release Notes:

* Fixed crash after running WoW Client if "Enable access for assistive devices" was not enabled before
* Fixed issue that prevents using Cmd+Space as layout switch hotkey