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Developer: Evan Miller

Current Version: 1.9.16

Last Updated: 29 days ago

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Wizard is a new Mac app that makes data analysis easier than ever. No programming, no typing — just click and explore. Wizard makes statistics accessible to beginners, but beneath the surface lies a full set of tools for doing professional research.

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"You can be looking at statistical analyses less than a minute after importing your data." —MacFormat Magazine (UK)

It's true: within minutes of importing your first data set into Wizard, you'll be generating graphics, uncovering correlations, producing p-values, building models, and sharing insights with colleagues. Most customers find that the program pays for itself in just a few days of use. Explore Wizard's delightful feature set, including...


Wizard will start graphing your data as soon as you click on it. It uses native Mac graphics to give you crisp visual summaries — box-plots, scatterplots, histograms, survival curves, and more — in a fraction of a second.


Build sophisticated statistical models in seconds with Wizard's intuitive modeling interface. Regression estimates are instantly recomputed as you play around with the controls and experiment with new specifications.


Wizard supports drag-and-drop, multi-level Undo, and other interface conveniences that Mac users expect from their software. An interactive tutorial will help you get started.


Dozens of functions are available to help you get data into the form you want. Compute quantiles, perform day-of-week calculations, multiply columns together, and more.


Export colorful graphics as web-friendly PNG or print-quality PDF. If you're surrounded by PC users, export your models as interactive spreadsheets that can be used to run "What if?" scenarios in any version of Microsoft Excel.


Wizard supports the most common statistical tests and models, including...

Univariate Tests
+ Shapiro-Wilk test of normality
+ 1-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov (normality and uniformity)
+ Pearson's goodness-of-fit (equal proportions)

Bivariate Tests
+ Pearson's goodness-of-fit (chi-square)
+ t-test (paired and unpaired)
+ ANOVA (1-way, 2-way, and repeated measures)
+ Correlation and R²
+ Median tests: Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis
+ NEW: Wilcoxon signed-rank and Friedman tests
+ Survival analysis: Log-rank test
+ 2-sample and N-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov

Multivariate Models
+ Linear regression (OLS)
+ Weighted linear regression (WLS)
+ Poisson and geometric regression
+ Logistic regression (Logit) and Probit
+ Multinomial Logit and Ordered Probit
+ Negative Binomial (NegBin-2)
+ Cox Proportional Hazards

Regression Features
+ Fixed effects
+ Robust standard errors
+ Clustered standard errors
+ Joint significance tests (Wald tests)
+ Odds ratios
+ Residual analysis
+ Sensitivity/specificity analysis (ROC curves)
+ Censoring of survival data (Cox models)
+ Interactive prediction assistant
+ Copy models as R code

Is there a missing feature you'd like to see? Just click "Email the Developer" from the Help menu and send me your thoughts.


Although you have the option to enter data manually, more likely you'll want to import data from one of the following sources:

File Formats
• Excel (.xls/.xlsx)
• Numbers ('09 and later)
• R workspace and single-object files (.RData and .rds)
• SQLite
• DBF and Microsoft Access
• Plain text (Comma-, tab-, and custom-delimited values)

Database Servers
• PostgreSQL

To import and export other formats, including SPSS, Stata, and SAS, you can either buy In-App Purchases inside Wizard (Wizard > Unlock Pro Features...), or purchase Wizard Pro, also available in the Mac App Store. The set of included importers is the only difference between the Pro and Standard versions.


Release Notes:

New in 1.9.16:

• Raw data view: Fix an occasional crash when sorting data or closing documents
• Summary view: Fix an occasional crash when exporting The Bottom Line
• Summary view: Fix a crash when deleting multiple columns from the end of the column list
• Summary view: Fix an issue where estimation commands sometimes did not appear
• SAV reader: Improved support for files created by Java SPSS Writer [Feature requires In-App Purchase]

New in 1.9.15:

• Fix a regression where some functions did not appear in the Column menu
• Security improvements in the XLS reader

New in 1.9.14:

• Fix a crash when navigating the Summary view via keyboard
• Improved support for Numbers '13 files

New in 1.9.13:

• Some strings were incorrectly imported from XLS files
• Improved text-encoding detection in CSV files
• Fix a crash after cancelling the creation of an Indicator Variable

New in 1.9.12:

• Multinomial logit models: Fewer "Not enough data" errors when the outcome distribution is heavily lopsided.

• Multinomial logit models: Fix a bug in the Predict view when one or more outcome values are filtered out. (Previously, the Predict view would assign positive probability to filtered-out values.)

• Ordered probit models: Fix a bug in the exported XLS file when one or more outcome values are filtered out. (Previously, Excel would report an error about corrupt or missing data.)

New in 1.9.11:

• Improved navigation of topics in the Help file
• Fix formatting of mean values in the Summary view for durations, currency, etc.

New in 1.9.10:

• Fixed a number of broken links in the Help file
• Fixed an interface glitch viewing Predictions after opening a saved file
• Fixed an interface glitch viewing correlation tests when correlation=1
• Improved ability to cancel MySQL operations

New in 1.9.9:

• Database importers: Increase timeout to 3 minutes
• MySQL importer: Fix bug when importing NULL numeric values

New in Wizard 1.9:

FROM THE LOWER DEPTHS OF HELL comes Wizard 1.9, a malign masquerade ball of new features and functionality. If you thought that Wizard could already do everything when it comes to data transformation and analysis, YOU WERE WRONG. In the biggest release since last year's sleeper hit Wizard 1.8, Wizard 1.9 brings you...

* COLLAPSIBLE FILTERS -- Make the most of screen real estate with the new Pin button -- when activated, it keeps filters applied even when you close the Filters pane.

* DATES, DATES, DATES -- Import dates in your favorite format, format your dates with four exciting date templates, analyze dates with down-to-the-second precision, partition date/time data with greater flexibility, and create Timestamp columns using the number of seconds from a particular start date.

* FILE SIZE FORMATTING -- Does your data set include a file size measured in bytes? Now you can format it with easy-to-read units (KB, MB, GB, etc). There's even an option to switch between the decimal convention (1,000 bytes per kilobyte) and the binary convention (1,024 bytes per kilobyte).

* NEW PIVOT FUNCTIONS -- Standard Error of the Mean and 95% Confidence Interval, now available for your pivoting pleasure.

* ITUNES IMPORTER -- Automatically pull in your music collection and see all the new features in action with the new iTunes importer. Visualize your listening habits by time of day, tally up your music collection by artist and genre, and graph file sizes and track lengths just for kicks. To get started, use the new menu item File > Import iTunes Music Library...

These are just the big-ticket items -- in addition, Wizard 1.9 boasts countless interface tweaks and bug fixes to make your statistical experience as smooth, seamless, and streamlined as possible. Enjoy it on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.1
Review by pjn.

Pretty close to perfection - I do a fair amount of data analysis - in filemaker, excel and occasionally in R. R is fabulous (almost infinite numbers of tools), but the learning curve is steep to put it mildly. Excel and filemaker are what they are. This program is all I could dream for and will likely be my main number analysis application - for my purposes, CSV / excel import is all I really need, so the Pro version would likely be overkill. I am just bowled over by how easy it is to use and how well thought out it is. And how pretty it is - but this doesn't come at the cost of power. And the user interface has been customized to suggest what you should do - for example an "open file" dialog box prompts you as to what sort of files you can import and, most importantly, how the data in them should be arranged. I think this is my "best app for 2012" winner!

Found helpful by 13 out of 13 people
Version 1.9.5
Review by kelohedeb

App Cannot Print! - There is no “Print” functionality in this app for pivot tables. No “Print” menu item. No “Print” button. No help or documentation on how to print anything, including pivot tables. I set up some basic stats using imported data and then spent HOURS trying to figure out how to print it. There’s no email support, only a google “support” group. I joined, searched for “print”, and then slogged though posts looking for an answer. When I couldn’t find anything helpful, I posted a query asking how to print. A day later, the developer responded. The short answer is: “You can’t.” Here’s what he said: "The easiest way to print your Pivot table is to export to Excel (menu item Pivot > Export Pivot Table as Excel...) and print from Excel or Numbers -- the formatting will be preserved, and these programs offer extensive printing options.” The app costs $80+ and the only way to print a pivot table is to export your data to Excel? This could be the world’s greatest data analysis app, but I wouldn’t know. I’m in the process of getting a refund.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people