Developer: Jonathan Clark

Current Version: 1.08

Last Updated: 11 months ago

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WARNING will not always work with SSD drives or RAID systems.

Erases the free space on hard disks (including Solid State/SSD), USB flash drives etc, to prevent the recovery of information from deleted files. Any data which still resides in that unused space, albeit marked 'free', can be properly and securely deleted by overwriting it.

As you may know, simply deleting a file does not actually delete the content of the file. Instead, the space that file occupied on the disk is simply marked as being 'free', and may exist for a long time until another file is allocated that space (or part of it).

The time it takes to wipe a volume depends on the size of the volume, the speed of your Mac (and amount of RAM), and how many passes you specify. Obviously, 8 passes will take approximately eight times longer than 1 pass.

This application needs to create temporary files on the drives whose free space is being wiped. You will be asked to select a folder in which this app can store temporary files. You must have read/write permissions for the chosen folder.

The files created by this app will be cleaned-up after the free space has been successfully wiped or the process is aborted using the "Stop" button.

In the event the temporary files created by the application are not deleted, re-select the drives and then click the "Clean up" button. You will need to supply the folder(s) you choose initially (if applicable) and then you will regain any lost disk space.

Do not use the drive(s) being wiped, and close any apps which might use the drive(s). Not doing so may generate a temporary file creation error.

Read the user manual before use.

If you have a problem contact us, don't leave a bad review. We will always try to help. We have lots of very satisfied customers (visit our website to see their comments!)


Release Notes:

- Bug fixes
- You now wipe one drive at a time (as opposed to multiple)


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.03
Review by rvinny

great app - time saver - I needed to wipe mounted NAS drives which Disk Utility wouldn’t pick up. I checked several apps and wasn’t interested in tearing apart hardware or a Linux/Windows based workaround. This app did exactly what I needed and quickly. Worth the $5 in time savings alone. Thank you.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.01
Review by disapointing purchase

crap app - what a waste of money ! this app ran all night and after using it I still recovered my HD with wondershare.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people