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SomaFM's official internet radio player (for OSX 10.6 and above) gives you access to over 20 channels of commercial-free, underground/alternative music, programmed by DJs who are passionate about their genres. We feature the best in electronica, ambi

Wikit is an application that displays wikipedia articles about your artists and albums. Now you can read detailed artist' biographies and fun trivia about your songs and albums as you play music in iTunes. ★ Features ★ ✓ Artist's

A System Menu search engine for the iTunes and App Stores. Tunesque sits quietly in your system menu until you call it into action. Simply click on the Tunesque icon, and start typing your search query; Tunesque will do the rest. Tunesque can find

Tune Seeker gives you playback control of iTunes right from your menu bar. Click along the seek bar and jump to the favorite parts of your tunes, or click the ends and skip to the next or previous track. Options are available to configure the look

SPECIAL OFFER FOR A LIMITED TIME!! Cocorito is your new iTunes song announcer. If you have Cocorito for iTunes, your mac will be able to read for you the song title, artist, album and other information about the song you're listening. You can also

The 'New Internet Radio' plays internet radio stations. There are over 14.000 radio stations the edited monthly editorial. If you can not find your favorite radio station, write to Pocketkai, it will try to add channels. New: Artist + Title + Cover

Reconnect with your music collection by displaying beautifully rendered album artwork on your desktop. Integrated with iTunes, Spotify and Rdio MiniTune renders the artwork as a CD, Vinyl or Photo, where you want it, scaled to your desktop. With ea

Listen to podcasts, songs, and audiobooks faster. Speed-Up can speed up or slow down audio directly in iTunes. Please note that this app DOES NOT SUPPORT DRM-protected content like Audible audiobooks or Apple Music. Multi-Speaker AirPlay and videos

Are you a music lover, a fan of bands and musicians, an aficionado of Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz…? Then ArtistInfo provides you with context information about your favorite artists. • "Who played those groovy bass lines on the album that I am

The easiest way to download lots of music - cut out the most annoying steps it takes to start listening to your music downloads. Download Songs sends the music you download from the internet to iTunes for you. When you download music from your email,

♫ ♫ Automatically remove duplicate songs from iTunes. This is the fast, powerful and easy way to find and delete repeated songs from your iTunes music library. ★ ★ ★ ★ On Sale! $19.99 LIMITED TIME introductory pr

Many Mac apps show what’s currently playing in your iTunes — often by rendering semi-transparent widgets over what you do. Those widgets distract you from work and never answer the question “What’s playing?” the moment y

Queue up hours of music from YouTube and your iTunes library with one easy search. Nasturtium Player is a small, elegant app for building and listening to playlists. • Playlist interface: The window is your playlist — queue up hours of m

Mutant is software designed for simple and efficient management of sound files for advanced music production. As sound information such as Tempo/Key which is included in bit number, sampling frequency, extension, ACID and Appleloops correspond to the

Note: There is currently a bug where the app fails to launch on systems running OS X 10.6. A fix will be up shortly. The app works just great on 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Ever wanted to have an interface for iTunes that could be acessibl

Tunes Notifier

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Ever wondered what the song you just started to play in Spotify was? Tunes Notifier uses the Notification Center to display the name of the artist, album, song and artwork track any time a song starts playing on Spotify.

Working with macOS Sierra! TunesArt is a great companion for iTunes: - Customizable notifications on track change - Display track's artwork on your desktop (7 themes included) - / Twitter integration - Download missing artworks - Display emb

This app shows the lyrics of the song playing in iTunes, the app does not automatically download the lyrics, but helps you to search, edit and save the lyrics. You can customize the color and transparency of the window. You can customize the font,

Song Buddy automatically detects the artist you're currently listening to and allows you to look up their profile, find upcoming events, similar artists and much more. - Search and read about of your favorite musical artists. - View artists photos an

iTunes is the default music player for Mac, and a lot of people prefer it for just this purpose. Cockatoo will take the hassle out of managing your music collection. The application has a modern and user-friendly interface, low system requirements, a