Developer: Doug Adams

Current Version: 1.1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Browse and bookmark Wikipedia articles using your iTunes Artists index.

• Easily search for and browse articles written about the Artists in your iTunes library
• Search alternative spellings or wordings
• The WikiScoop browser window provides basic web navigation, text-sizing, refresh, text selection and link contextual menus, and printing
• Conveniently Bookmark articles to Artists for later retrieval
• Choose preferred Wikipedia language (currently English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian)


Release Notes:

Adds lookup for currenty playing iTunes track in Action pop-up (or Command-L)
Adds new selectable styles preference
Fixes issues with bookmarking articles
General stability fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.2
Review by Julia Truchsess

A great idea, well-executed - I very frequently use WIkipedia to look up information on this or that band - quite often the band that happens to be playing on my iTunes at that moment. This program for some reason is way more fun than doing it in a web browser; I guess it's because ALL my artists are there, in an "artist browser", so to speak, all just begging to be researched in WP. The only thing missing - and I can't understand how Doug (long an iTunes scripting community giant) could have missed this - is a way to directly lookup the currently-playing artist. It's got a widget for looking up a random artist (huh?) but I think in the vast majority of instances a song or album will come up in shuffle mode and I'll think to myself "Hey, I don't know much about these guys" or "I wonder if these guys have a new album out yet". That's when I'll turn to Wiki-Scoop, and it'd be way more convenient to just hit a "now playing" button than to have to scroll (using Lion's ever-so-cute-but-really-hard-to-grab micro-scrollbar handles) through my 1,200 or so artists to find the one that's playing. That is, if I even KNOW who's playing...

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1.0
Review by gnomehole

Not much use - I guess if you want general artist wiki info, this is helpful. I wanted it to help me with information around my songs, such as the year released, so I could clean up my iTunes metadata. This doesn’t help with that, even the Cmd-L function just brings up various links. If this were smart enough to pick out the artist and song name and display information about the song it would be quite powerful in cleaning up your track information. I use TuneUp, but its fault is that it likes to tag later release albums, so that old 80s song you knew and love from 1982 ends up being tagged as 2009 (example). I was hoping this would work to fix, but its not there. Maybe the author will read this and add some additional functionality. BTW: I love Doug Adams scripts and find a lot of good use out of his stuff generally and am happy to donate.

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