WhatIsRunning - A toolbar tool for apps and more

Developer: RichIntellect

Current Version: 3.2.2

Last Updated: 9 months ago

Download Size: 1 MB - Download


WhatIsRunning is a toolbar for the Mac Laptop and Desktop.

Ideal for those people that have screen clutter.

You can:

* See what applications are running
* Open applications from the toolbar by clicking on the Icon
* Save which applications you want open between invocations.
* See which applications have been closed by you or closed unexpectedly.
* Clear from the toolbar applications closed.
* Save the position of your toolbar between invocations.
* Reset the position of your toolbar between invocations
* Minimise all applications except the application you clicked on.
* Hide and Show applications.

This toolbar is useful for those who do iphone development of mac and iphone apps, news reporters, designers, idea strategists, planners, architects, scientists basically anyone who wants to organise their screens.

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Release Notes:

Check boxes are now functional and activates apps by selecting them. Fixed permanently disabled menu item. Tooltips are now faster..