Developer: Gavin Wiggins

Current Version: 2.1.2

Last Updated: 7 months ago

Download Size: 17.1 MB - Download


WeathrClip is a small weather application that resides in the menu bar of your Mac. The popover provides current weather conditions, 5 day forecast data, hourly forecast, and an animated radar of your current location or user defined location. WeathrClip features high quality icons to support retina screens. And don't forget that WeathrClip is also available for the iPhone. All weather data provided by the Weather Underground.

Website --> www.weathrclip.com
Email --> [email protected]

Thank you for your purchase and enjoy!


Release Notes:

Fix issue on OS X 10.9 where application would not launch.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3.2
Review by zibberfitchy

Love this weather app - I’ve tried a few different apps. I love this one because it is very simple in the menu bar, but shows more detail when you click on the icon than any of the others I’ve tried. It has a wealth of information about the current weather, has a great 4 day outlook, and a radar in motion. Couple enhancements: 1) When you click on the icon to open the expanded view, you have to click on the icon to hide the view. I wish you could click anywhere and hide the view. 2) Allow us to assign a hotkey to open/close the window.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 2.0
Review by CrapAppStore

Crashes. All. The. Time. - So much for the "completely new version" having "many updates and bug fixes." Why? Because I CAN'T EVEN USE IT NOW. Unlike the previous version, which actually would launch and perform fine. Awaiting the inevitable version 2.0.1, which I can only hope fixes this latest huge problem. Come on, developers! Quality Control. Test Your App Thoroughly Before You Release It.

Found helpful by 2 out of 5 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.1.2
Review by GeoffreyD67

Great, except for the not opening at startup, despite checkbox in setting - This is a nice looking and very helpful app to have on your top menu. A quick glance to get the temperature, and one click to see more info, a few days of forecast, and current radar. Just what I need. The only problem is that most times when I go to look for the temperature it isn’t there, because I restarted my computer at some point and the app didn’t launch at login. I checked the settings,and sure enough, there is a check box for launch at startup, but whether you check it or not, it makes no difference. You have to manually launch this each time you start your computer. I am going to try to find a way to include this with start up options via some other method. I will now wish myself luck in that endeavor...

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Version 2.1.2
Review by SaltyNinja83

Love it but two requests - I love the app i really. Its probably the nicest most useful (shows everything i need in one panel) weather app I’ve ever used. That being said I’d like to see two things added for 5 stars.. 1- some sort of severe weather alerts and 2- a pin showing your current or favorite locations on the radar map… When you are getting a lot of bad weather its hard to see on the map exactly where you are in it and not being able to zoom means you can just pop in closer. other than that though great job!

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Version 2.1.2
Review by Onecooldudeaaa

Wrought with Bugs - This would be a great app if it wasn’t so bug-ridden. Adding additional locations doesn’t work and worst of all, neither does “current location”.

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