Weather Dock: Desktop forecast

Developer: Voros Innovation

Current Version: 3.6.2

Last Updated: 10 days ago

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Weather Dock puts the weather right on your desktop. With a glance at the dock icon, you can see the current weather conditions, today's or tomorrow's forecast. With a single click you can access detailed current conditions and 7-day weather forecast.

Detailed weather forecast:
• Access the detailed current conditions and 7-day weather forecast window with a single click
• Detailed 3-day two hourly forecast
• Multiple forecast location support
• Forecast window has animated icons
• Imperial or Metric units 
• Weather updates every 60 minutes. 
• Updates Weather automatically if update was missed due to sleep or lack of internet connection

Animated Customizable Dock Icon:
  • Icon badge shows: Current temp, wind or feels like temp or today's/tomorrow's min/max temp
  • Displayed weather can be: Current Conditions, Today's or Tomorrow's forecast
  • Weather Conditions text color: Black, White or White with Gray background
  • Adjustable animation speed (can be turned off)

Very accurate weather information supplied by Weather Underground®

If you experience any issues please contact us directly using the "Contact Us" button/menu item and specify your forecast location.


Release Notes:

+ Updated for macOS High Sierra


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.1.1
Review by PVHKD

Great - And here’s why - First of all, it does what I wanted - puts the temperature on the top bar, not the dock. I keep my dock hidden and I just want to glance up and see what is the temperature. But it does soooo much more: Clicking on the icon gives more information about the weather at glance than I could have asked. Sunrise/sunset? How cool is that? The expected highs and lows for five days. An easy drop down to see my other locations. In preferences, the ability to drag and drop locations into the order you want. Expanded view gives the radar picture. Very clear and logical layout and UI. AND, when I had a problem downloading it (turned out to be an Apple problem, not an app problem), the developer was VERY responsive. Then when I had a pilot error by not realizing that searching for locations required me to hit return (too much time on Google that serves up the choices while you type), he again responded promptly. I have a lot of weather apps as it is a crowded field (I also like Accuweather for its "25 minutes until the rain stops" and longer range forecast), but this is my desktop app and I am impressed and loving it (and I have looked at just about all of them).

Found helpful by 19 out of 20 people
Version 3.2.0
Review by LVRick

Extremely Annoying Pestering - I usually start off with the free version and evaluate the App and see if I am going to find it useful and does it do what it says. From the first the App kept putting up the splash screen to upgrade and offer other offerings. This happened every day and sometime it seems like more then once a day. If I wanted the paid versionI woud have bought it, without being Pestered and having the offer thrown in my face. From the start there were a few small things I wanted to evaluate, before putting money in an upgrade, but I needed to know if I could tolerate the small imperfections or if they were going to bother me. I had already decided if I liked the App I was going to upgrade, but the annoying pestering requesting I upgrade I found intolerable and the programmers were pushing too hard for my dollars, and not concdrned if I liked it or not. I understand part of this problem is Apples® as there is no way to tryout an App (say a one month trial and if you do not like the app it goes away, but no if I do not like it is stays on my list forever. If you are going to push the upgrade Why Not Just drop the free version with ads and offer only the upgrade version ONLY!

Found helpful by 72 out of 78 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.6.2
Review by gpw011

Why do both of your apps have different temps? - Rdar pro live nad weather dock give different temps, I loe both aps but I like consistency. I gave bothe 5 (five) stars. George

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Version 3.6.2
Review by TmacTreb

Weather Dock - Use it all the time. Perfect.

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Version 3.6.2
Review by Jillith

I got a notification every couple of hours to upgrade - This is a really nice app. I gave it one star because every couple of hours I got a notification asking me to upgrade to the paid version. I really, don’t like that so I ended up deleting the app. I’ll use one that does not ask me for money every couple of hours.

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