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Meet the best collection of Kaomoji (顔文字) ! Use cute kaomoji on Twitter, Facebook, while others can do nothing but wonder how you made these lovely kaomoji! Easy to access from your menubar, at any time, just copy & paste, and ha

Color Clock is a beautifully designed clock that uses time to determine the color of background. Mapping the time components (hours, minutes and seconds) to the color channel (red, green and blue), the color of the clock changes as time changes, gi

WebSentinel is a utility for monitoring the content of web pages for search terms at a scheduled time, optionally on a periodic basis. Visit the website for more information and a demo. Drag and drop URLs or use the "Current Browser" button to add

Stoppy is a nice and simple stopwatch. With Stoppy you can easily measure the time and lap times, which will be displayed clearly in a table. Stoppy has a bunch of great features e. g.: - Measure time up to 24 hours and more - Control Stoppy with k

1) Daily Salat Times Location based accurate Prayer Times based on your current location and Current Local Time. Shows a revolutionary 24 hour pie shaped Salat Clock for the first time. Real time monitoring to show the time remaining to next Praye

A typographic word clock that displays fuzzy time in multiple languages. Radio controlled clocks beat the time atom accurately. This clock does not. In our hectic world - every second counts. This clock will not tell. We don‘t have time anymo

Quarter Past Three is a typography clock that display current time in natural language. It sits on your desktop and display the time quietly without interfering with your workflow. You can change its color and move it anywhere on your desktop to to

DockTime adds a clock to the Dock, which always displays the current time. The appearance can be chosen from a selection of beautiful, timeless designs. While other apps often bring many, non-essential functions, DockTime remains discreetly in the ba

A typographic word clock that displays fuzzy time in many languages. Radio controlled clocks beat the time atom accurately. This clock does not. In our hectic world - every second counts. This clock will not tell. We don‘t have time anymore.

Build out your life story in a unique way with Piccam. The Piccam Desktop is the ultimate companion to the Piccam mobile app. It's the easiest and most secure way to store photos on the cloud from your computer. Upload photos from your computer, h

***** 50% Off - Few days only! ***** Lock Screen HD is 3 screen saver apps in one. It is a Aquarium, a Fireplace and a Sunset screensaver in one containing 9 beautifully looped HD videos. Featuring: + 9 beautiful HD video scenes + Real videos, no

Unique in its category, Biorhythm Pro offers feature not found in other Biorhythm applications. This easy to use, full featured app includes: • A manual (select Help from the Help menu) that explains how to use all of the apps features. The ma

- KEEP TRACK OF TIME AT 41 DIFFERENT CITIES - // Description // WorldTimez Desktop allows the user to keep track of the time around grobe, covering 41 major cities.  The list of the cities includes Tokyo (Japan), Beijing (China), Mumbai (India

Moments is your personal private diary! The application uses iCloud for the data synchronisation between your devices. All data is stored on your devices. - You can browse your records in a timeline or in a calendar view. In addition, you can bro

smartView is a Web-Viewer which handles up to 4 Windows at the same time. If you need to display 1 to 4 windows fixed on your desktop, smartView can do it for you. You can adjust the size of the windows, place it wherever you want and smartView will

Wallpapers for Christians brings you Biblical based wallpapers and lockscreens for your Mac! FEATURES: * Dozens of Christian wallpapers to put the Bible in your daily life every time you look at your computer * Most images accompanied by Scripture

FREE for a limited time! BirdClock is an unique and fun clock app that tells you time by chorus of birds! It brings you pleasant surprise as hours passing by and makes you feel closer to nature. BirdClock can also be used as an alarm clock, allowi

Ho, ho, ho - Christmas has come to the Mac App Store! Send beautiful seasonal emails with Season's Greetings. Choose from 17 unique templates and share Christmas Greetings, New Year's wishes, a family newsletter or favorite festive photos with your

Rewire Your Brain! Drop All Bad Habits! Work Faster and Better! Live Healthier and Happier Life! * Please note: Subliminal is not a toy. Subliminal does help you achieve * measurable real-world results. There is serious brain mechanics * knowledge b

"If you want to get the best deal for your dollar, the free Prices Drop Monitor is a handy Mac utility that can help you out." - Macworld The app used by dozens of thousands of people around the world to save on Amazon. Prices Drop Monitor for Amaz