Developer: MapPin Software

Current Version: 1.5

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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WatchDrift is an app that allows you to monitor your mechanical watches to see how much they gain or loose time... over time.

Whenever you adjust the time on your timepiece, you simply enter the current time as shown on your watch in the app, and it determines the difference in seconds between that time and the current computer time, and records it.

Now you have a history of your watch's time drift and can determine better when it its time to send it in for service.

The app shows graphs of your watch's time drift on the bottom of the window so you can tell how your watch is doing over time.


Release Notes:

Activation bug fix


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Version 1.5
Review by captjohnmc

I don’t Know If I Like It or Not? - It appears to be a solid app for someone like myself that repairs watches, but it has a flaw, just a small one? I CANNOT find any support for the app to make sure I am using it correctly? The app, as straight forward as it seems, still needs a “Support”page with point by point directions to ensure you are getting the most out of the app. Everyone needs that “Ata-Boy” page to make you feel like your doing it right. It wouldn’t take but a page or two to point out the do’s and don’ts. Maybe the developer can give us a support email address to contact him as many of the good app developers also do. I mean you can find your way to his web app developing site by looking VERY closely at the app’s page and then following way to many links, but it would be nicer and easier to find that info in the upper left below the price like on most pages? In Large Print. Basically, I just want a Manual telling me I am using it correctly, can’t take more than a page to do that? Thanks, your app is solid and works well and if the few issues would be addressed, I would like it much more! I would give it five stars if I could get access to the developer easier.

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