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Current Version: 2.4.7

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WarRoom® is a lightweight but powerful document review tool for litigation support. WarRoom is designed for attorneys and litigation support professionals who need an easy-to-use system for loading metadata and images from an electronic document production.

"WarRoom is an amazing program. E-discovery solutions are virtually nonexistent for OS X and WarRoom has now filled that need. WarRoom is easy to use and packed with great features."
- Bradford J. Black, Black Chang & Hamill LLP

In these days of electronic discovery and massive document reviews, most major law firms have agreed on a standard for their productions. Typically these productions consist of a document metadata load file, an image metadata load file, and a folder full of single page image files. Without expensive database software (none of which is available for OS X), a production like this would be useless to you. Now, with WarRoom, you can have the same tools at a fraction of the cost.

WarRoom runs on OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, and 10.12 Sierra, and provides many advanced features:

Easily create your document database structure
• Create up to 50 database fields
• Field values can contain text, numbers, or dates (various formats)
• Sync your WarRoom databases across your Macs and iOS devices using iCloud

Import document metadata with ease
• Load document metadata from delimited text files (.DAT or .TXT) using any standard delimiting character
• Load images and associated metadata from .LFP, .OPT, or .LOG files (supports single or multi page Tiffs)
• Import PDF files directly into your project*

Make your document review painless
• Review documents in Browse, Table, or Split Screen mode
• Search document full text instantly, or construct a form search for deeper searching
• Search within the text of a document to highlight hits
• Globally search and replace text across all records
• Tally a field's values for quick filtering of records
• Built in Image Viewer can be launched in a separate window (supports dual displays)
• Preview native files linked from a database field and view OCR / extracted text directly in the Image Viewer

Organize your documents and hide privileged information
• Tag documents with various issues, and search based on your tags
• Redact sensitive information on images and optionally make the redactions permanent

Export only what you would like to produce
• Export extracted text / OCR to text files (.TXT)
• Export images to multi-page PDFs or single page TIFF image files with an associated image metadata load file (.LFP)
• Export document metadata to a delimited text file (.DAT)

• Supported document metadata load file formats: Concordance / Relativity (.DAT) or any delimited text file (.TXT)
• Supported image metadata load file formats: iPro (.LFP**), Opticon (.OPT), or Relativity (.LOG)
• 100% compatible with WarRoom Mobile for iOS files

Things WarRoom does not do:
• WarRoom does not currently import or process "native" files for electronic discovery.
• WarRoom does not currently OCR documents
• WarRoom does not currently support multi-user, networked environments.
• WarRoom is currently English only.

*In order to capture the full text of PDFs into your database, they must already be full-text searchable PDFs.

**Please note that the following .LFP codes are not currently supported by WarRoom: LC, IO, IA, FD, IN, IS, FT, OT, OF, OI, DT, RT, DA, SR, and RS.


Release Notes:

*Happy Holidays... enjoy WarRoom for FREE!

- Compatibility with macOS 10.12 Sierra.
- Stay tuned for a big update to version 3, in the not-too-distant future!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.1.2
Review by Truthsmith

Does most of what Concordance does, costs 1/100 as much - If you're reading this you probably know that in the Mac world there is virtually no e-discovery software on the market, other than some web-based apps that run in browsers. WarRoom is pretty much your only option, unless you want to run Windows and use one of the several Windows-based solutions. Up to now, I used Concordance running Windows 7 via Parallels. But Concordance costs a fortune (around $3,000 for a two year two user license) and has a very steep learning curve, and of course, Windows adds complexity. So I decided to see if WarRoom is really a viable option. To my delight, I found that the answer is yes. Full disclosure: my experience with WR is somewhat limited. I've been using it for about a month. So far I've used it to review metadata of several sets of e-discovery ranging from 14,000 to 95,000 documents, alter the load files, which were then used to create a new data set, and export the metadata to Excel so that a non-technically advanced client (also an attorney) could conduct a first-cut privilege review. After I got past the initial learning curve, WR worked flawlessly. I'd even say that once the data is loaded, WR is easier to use than Concordance for searching and reviewing metadata, adding tags, and editing fields. But it is a bit more difficult to set up a new database than Concordance. At 1/100 the price, I'll put up with that small issue. I haven't tried the new native file viewer module, but I plan to in the near future and will update this review with the results. One other thing that bears mentioning is that the developer is VERY responsive. I had an issue with setting up a database, e-mailed the developer, got an answer back the same day, and after a further exchange of e-mails, he found the problem, told me how to avoid it, and promised to address it in a patch. His suggested fix worked (it had to do with using field names longer than 12 characters), and less than 2 weeks later the promised patch appeared in the App Store. All in all, WarRoom is definitely an e-discovery solution that a solo practitioner or small firm should look into.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people