Developer: Acusis

Current Version: 1.5

Last Updated: 4 days ago

Download Size: 8.4 MB - Download


VoiceNote helps clinicians to create and manage their patient encounter documentation by leveraging robust front-end Speech Recognition capabilities and rich templates. Clinicians need an account with the eCareNotes Cloud Platform in order to use VoiceNote.

Key Features:

- Create patient encounter notes using speech recognition.
- Use pre-defined templates while creating notes.
- Free-form note creation.
- Mark a dictation as STAT (Short Turn Around Time).
- Physician can dictate remotely using an iPhone and get the speech text in VoiceNote.
- Once completed, the Physician has option to upload the notes to eCareNotes Cloud Platform for future reference.


Release Notes:

Bug fixes and stability improvements.
'Sign Up Now' option is added.
Support for voice commands.