Developer: Davide Ficano

Current Version: 1.2.8

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Non-indexed full text search of files supporting filters and many folder traversal options.


Release Notes:

Fixed memory leak


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.7
Review by Daniel C from Cal

Super helpful to search through code - This app helps me find things in the code base I work with and really does save me a lot of time. Highly recommended for any software developer. The UI is very well done and makes it easy to search and browse through the results. After using this app, I can’t believe I ever used grep from the terminal… 5 stars!

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.2.4
Review by chimed3

Just…doesn't…work - I can't get this app to run a single search. I set the filters (which are labeled in an extremely confusing way; it's not clear whether you're telling it to include only the specified items or exclude them) and no matter what I do the 'Search' button (the one that appears blue in the example image here in the App store) remains permanently grayed out and cannot be clicked. Even if I revert to the default settings, it will not run a search. I am comfortable with relatively sophisticated software and modern app interfaces do not confuse me. This app just doesn't work. Skip it. Miss it. 99 cents was way too much for nothing.

Found helpful by 4 out of 6 people

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Version 1.2.8
Review by Live it, Dye Girl

Highly Competent Coders Make Highly Competent Apps - If you were expecting to get a piece of donkey droppings for this price, think again. This developer demonstrates a high degree of competence, and lacks greed, unlike what you may have noticed with other applications throughout this portal, where much money is charged for what appears to be minute efforts. When it comes to developers, many feel called to the task, but few will be chosen. Here are some features this application boasts: * Save your searches! * Choose options such as rather you want to search with regular expressions, match case, follow symlinks, stop at first match in the file, skip packages, match whole word/whole line, exclude list, etc. * Pick which default app you want to use to open up a file with through a handy little drop menu. * Pick which columns you want to show, with columns such as ‘line number’, path, size, and more. * Results are beautifully laid out in a search result pane that shows you matching lines, with the match highlighted in bold blue. * From within the app, copy either the file name or content of selected files. This application is ideal for those that are trying to locate files based on more complex criteria. Though the application is good as it is, one feature I personally would like to see is the ability to do compound searches (compound qualifiers). There is a Windows program called PowerGrep that allows this, that so far is the only one that I've seen of its class. 1) It's basically a way to perform 'finds' within the results of regular expressions (find match in $1, $2. $&, etc), and 2) Ability to specify multiple regular expressions to match for the same file (with and/or).— But again, this application was made well, and more than justifies the low price. I hope this developer does well, and continues to make more intuitive apps.

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Version 1.2.8
Review by Javaman4

Meh - VisualGrep works but be prepared to figure-out things on your own. I found a corresponding github project and it mentions that all your settings are not persisted, which I had already discovered. The developer acknoweded the issue in 2015 so don’t expect a fix.So far I think it works but is a pain to use because you have to configure it every time that you use it.

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