Developer: VRSonic, Inc

Current Version: 2.9.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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VibeStationLE is a professional audio simulation tool that lets you create amazingly realistic 3D audio and surround sound content for your film, animation, or music projects. You can also use VibeStationLE for interactive performance using live inputs and interactive control of the audio scene.

VibeStationLE Selected Features:
- Simulates the full propagation path of sound from source to listener
- Render 3D audio for loudspeakers or headphones using binaural synthesis
- Wave Point Sampling algorithm produces amazingly natural surround sound with loudspeakers
- SoundScape3D Canvas lets you build and manipulate your 3D audio scene interactively
- Open Sound Control (OSC) server lets you control anything in your scene with an OSC client
- Path animation lets you move anything in the scene by attaching it to a path
- Naturally sounding physically based reverb based on room size and wall material properties
- Dynamic sound occlusion based on wall material properties
- Use nearly any type of audio file format as well as mic and line inputs as sound sources in your scene
- Gives you extensive control over how your sounds are rendered
- Customize your audio display by selecting HRTF filters for headphone rendering, or specifying loudspeaker positions for surround sound rendering


Release Notes:

Added support for Open Sound Control clients


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